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Non-members are required to donate a minimum of 500 THB to post a Classified Advertisement. Please send your sample advertisement to website@bambiweb.org for approval. If it is deemed acceptable to post, BAMBI will send you details for donation. However, if a donation was made prior to approval of advertisement by BAMBI, no refund will be issued.

BAMBI Members:
You must be a current BAMBI member to post a Classified Advertisement. Advertisement should not be placed on behalf of another person; they are for personal use only. Please do not repost the same advertisement while it is still on the website, you could repost the same advertisement only after it has been removed from the website (30 days from the date the advertisement was first posted). An advertisement will be rejected if it is indicated as commercial, promotional, inappropriate or in violation of usage. We also do not post advertisement on Formula Milk because of our relationship with the Breastfeeding & Childcare foundation of Thailand.
Misuse of BAMBI Classified Advertisement may result in suspension of your classified advertisement posting privilege or termination of your BAMBI Membership, depending on the severity of abuse.


It would take around 7 days for your Classified Advertisement to be activated from the day that we receive your advertisement. If you have any questions or problems related to this section please contact website@bambiweb.org

BAMBI does not endorse or claim responsibility for the goods and services that are listed here. Please be advised that agencies may use our website as a way to find employment so please take the time to check references and ensure that the employees are credible.


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