Year: 2012

  • RECIPE: Quinoa Fried “Rice”
    RECIPE: Quinoa Fried “Rice”
    You’ve probably heard about quinoa but not everyone knows what to do with it. Here’s one easy recipe that’s both healthy and delicious! Quinoa has gotten increasingly popular over the past few years because of its great nutritional profile: it has twice the protein of white rice and way more fiber, plus a fair amount […]
  • Sleep: What Children Need to Stay Healthy
    Sleep: What Children Need to Stay Healthy
    Sleep is essential for health, emotional well-being and memory. The body manages and requires sleep in the same way that it regulates eating, drinking and breathing. By Neissha Thagie   During sleep, the body renews its organs, short-term memories are transformed into long-term memories — including facts and event recollection — and skills are developed […]
  • “Until They Are One, Food Is for Fun!”
    “Until They Are One, Food Is for Fun!”
    If you have a child approaching weaning age, you may be interested in baby-led weaning. Ann Patrick explains what it is, its benefits, and how to get started. Words and photo by Ann Patrick   What is baby-led weaning? Baby-led weaning quite simply means you let your baby self-feed — from the moment you start […]
  • Creative Kids: Cardboard Stick Horse
    Creative Kids: Cardboard Stick Horse
    If you’re handy with crafting, you can make a good, old-fashioned stick horse for your child! Crafting whiz Donatella shows us how. By Donatella Lazzari   Little cowboys and cowgirls: get ready to gallop! Parents can make a stick horse at home. Click on the photo at the top of this article to see more […]
  • Birth Day Choices, Bangkok, 1982
    Birth Day Choices, Bangkok, 1982
    Photo: The first BABIES (now Bumps & Babies) meeting. What was it like giving birth to a baby in Bangkok 30 years ago? Mel Habanananda, BAMBI Patron and founder, and midwife by profession, tells us about those days with a smile. By Mel Habanananda Thirty years ago Bangkok was congested, polluted, messy, noisy – well […]
  • Life in Bangkok, 1982
    Life in Bangkok, 1982
    Nineteen eighty-two. Or – Thai-style – 2526. The year BAMBI was born. Cast your mind back – can you recall 1982? What were you doing then? What was making headline news? By Ann Patrick / Photo by Renate Schediwy via Wikimedia Commons The world in 1982 Amongst events too numerous to detail here, Wikipedia reliably […]