Month: May 2016

  • Planes, Trains and Auto-reply
    Planes, Trains and Auto-reply
    Traveling with kids on a plane? Train? Boat? Bicycle? No problem: Downtown Dad shares the many travel-with-kids tricks he’s picked up over the years, starting with giving each child several engaging responsibilities throughout the journey. By Downtown Dad   Way back in 1997, I read Paul Terhorst’s 1988 almost-timeless-classic Cashing in on the American Dream: […]
  • Chairwoman’s Report 2015
    Chairwoman’s Report 2015
    The BAMBI team reflects back on actions and accomplishments of the past year (2015) and shares some plans for 2016 in its annual review. By Ravit El-Bachar Daniel   Each year I and my team take a look back to the previous calendar year, reflecting on things that kept us busy serving you, dear BAMBI […]
  • BAMBI News May 2016
    BAMBI News May 2016
    View PDF   Dear Members, A new year for BAMBI has begun and this one with a new Chairwoman. A big thank you to Ravit who chaired BAMBI so well for the past three years! She has left big shoes to fill. This is my first letter to you as Chairwoman and it will be […]