Month: June 2017

  • All Pain Is Not Suffering
    All Pain Is Not Suffering
    Labour pain is often demonized, but in truth, it is purposeful and does not inevitably lead to suffering if women are given empowerment and support.By Fran SafaieWorking with expectant families in Bangkok as a birth doula, HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator and BAMBI volunteer, I hear a lot about pain and suffering. When discussing birth preferences with […]
  • BAMBI News June 2017
    BAMBI News June 2017
    View PDF Dear members, It has been a few very hectic but very interesting and fulfilling weeks after Emma and I were voted in as Vice-Chairwoman and Chairwoman, respectively. We are very excited and happy to collaborate our efforts to support our members. I have been on the BAMBI committee about 6 years now, in […]
  • Why Orphanages Are Part of the Problem, Not the Solution
    Why Orphanages Are Part of the Problem, Not the Solution
    Are orphanages necessarily the best answer to care and provide for children without parents? Human rights lawyer Wanchi Tang provides a deeper understanding of the complex issue of ‘institutionalizing’ children. By Wanchi Tang   For ages, well-intending people have been volunteering for and/or donating to orphanages in order to help out those in need. However, […]