Month: June 2018

  • BAMBI News June 2018
    BAMBI News June 2018
    View PDF   Dear Members, It seems impossible that we are already halfway through this year, and yet here we are hurtling towards the school holidays and summer break. For many of us, this presents the opportunity to return to visit family or to explore new places. I find Bangkok easier to live in when […]
  • Pre-Eclampsia Explained
    Pre-Eclampsia Explained
    The Bumps Team will be sharing a series of articles examining common complications and conditions of pregnancy and postpartum and their implications for mums and babies. This month, midwife and BAMBI Bumps and Babies Co-ordinator, Emma McNerlin looks at Pre-Eclampsia.By Emma McNerlinWhat is Pre-eclampsia?Affecting 2-7% [1] of all pregnancies, pre-eclampsia or pre-eclamptic toxaemia (PET) is […]