Year: 2018

  • 3 ‘Workouts’ for Your Emotional Well-being
    3 ‘Workouts’ for Your Emotional Well-being

    Invest in your emotional well-being and enjoy the returns on your investment. By Carolina Herrera   Every year we spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, personal trainers and fitness boot-camps. We stress over our looks, yo-yo diet and obsess about being the perfect version of ourselves (on the outside). Yet, how many of us […]

  • Raising Empathetic Children
    Raising Empathetic Children

    Are you raising nice kids? A NIST counselor and child therapist shares 10 ways parents can raise kind, caring children. By Roslin Srikuruwal   A child’s achievement and happiness have become the standard for successful parenting. What about kindness and empathy? As parents, we can help nurture this trait in our children so they can […]

  • BAMBI News October 2018
    BAMBI News October 2018

    View PDF   Hello all, As we enter the final quarter of 2018, the theme of this month’s edition of BAMBI News is ‘mindfulness,’ a rather new-fangled concept in this new age of wellness and self-care. I must say, for me, it feels like one more thing to feel guilty about not fitting into my […]

  • Breaking the Stigma
    Breaking the Stigma

    Mental health is for everyone, and a large percentage of the population faces mental health challenges. One mom shares her own experience and insights in order to help break the stigma. By Jinae Higashino There is an enormous stigma surrounding mental health issues. For anyone suffering from mental or neurological disorders, the thought of seeking […]

  • Mindfulness and Becoming a Mum
    Mindfulness and Becoming a Mum

    Mindfulness teacher Anna Croucher explains how her meditation techniques helped her through pregnancy, labor and those precious, yet exhausting, infancy months. By Anna Croucher   When I found out last year that I was expecting my first child, I knew that life would change radically. I also appreciated that being thousands of miles from home […]

  • Back to Japanese School Over the Summer Holidays  夏休み、我が家の場合
    Back to Japanese School Over the Summer Holidays 夏休み、我が家の場合

    This Japanese mum sent her two boys to school during the summer holidays. She has no regrets, in fact, she recommends it to other parents too. Here’s why. By Akiko Cayne [日本語記事へ] Article 26 of the Japanese Constitution states that “All people shall be obligated to have all boys and girls under their protection receive […]