Year: 2018

  • Guardianship in Thailand
    Guardianship in Thailand

    Planning ahead for your children’s welfare in worst-case scenarios is a good practice. By M.L. Numlapyos Sritawat   Thai Courts are authorized to appoint a legal guardian for individuals who cannot make responsible decisions for their own welfare (the ward). The court may issue such an order if presented with evidence that an adult individual […]

  • BAMBI News September 2018
    BAMBI News September 2018

    View PDF   Dearest Members, Welcome to September!!! I hope you had a fun and memorable holiday, and you and your little ones are now ready to go back to school! Both my boys are 120% ready to go back to school. Against their will, my boys went to a local public school in Japan […]

  • How to Support and Nurture Your Child’s Passions
    How to Support and Nurture Your Child’s Passions

    It can be difficult to set aside our own expectations of what our child’s future should look like or be, but doing so can be essential to their success. Here are some useful tips on how best to emotionally invest in your child’s future. By Roma Steffen   Often, it seems to us that our […]

  • Staying Healthy in Thailand’s Rainy Season
    Staying Healthy in Thailand’s Rainy Season

    Ever wondered why you get more coughs and colds during the rainy season? Dr. Donna Robinson shares some tips on how to stay healthy this rainy season. By Dr. Donna Robinson   It can be difficult to protect your own health and your children’s health at any time of the year but the challenge becomes […]

  • BAMBI News July/August 2018
    BAMBI News July/August 2018

    View PDF   Hello August! Since I was small, August has always been a month for my mom, as my mother’s birthday is in August. Coincidentally my mother-in-law was born in August as well. So for me, August is the month of moms. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many cultures throughout the world and, as […]

  • BAMBI News June 2018
    BAMBI News June 2018

    View PDF   Dear Members, It seems impossible that we are already halfway through this year, and yet here we are hurtling towards the school holidays and summer break. For many of us, this presents the opportunity to return to visit family or to explore new places. I find Bangkok easier to live in when […]