Month: January 2019

  • Musings of a Midwife: The Birth of a Mother
    Musings of a Midwife: The Birth of a Mother
    In this month’s Bumps and Babies article, midwife Emma McNerlin examines matrescence — the anthropological term defined by Dana Rafael in 1975 to describe the process of becoming a mother.By Emma McNerlinThroughout my career as a midwife supporting women in pregnancy, I have observed that it is often difficult for them to see beyond the […]
  • Terminal Cancer: Living with My Diagnosis
    Terminal Cancer: Living with My Diagnosis
    What is it like to live with a terminal illness? Maria Villalobos, who was told her cancer was incurable over two years ago, describes her battle to maintain a normal life.By Maria VillalobosWe all know that cancer doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can get cancer. But it won’t happen to me … right?We also have a vague […]
  • My IVF Miracle
    My IVF Miracle
    Infertility is said to affect 10-15% of couples, but it’s not easy to talk about. One mom shares her honest and moving account of the most personal of journeys.By AnonymousWhen someone tells you that you might not be able to have a child of your own, your heart breaks. Going through fertility treatment was literally […]
  • Play Is for Everyone
    Play Is for Everyone
    Play therapist Abhasiri ‘Oom’ Chutikul explains how something as simple as playing can not only help us bond with our children, it can provide a form of self-care when we allow ourselves time to play too, whatever form that might take.By Abhasiri ChutikulAs we are all winding down from our holiday spirits, I would like […]
  • Travel Thailand: Chiang Mai
    Travel Thailand: Chiang Mai
    Chiang Mai offers more than you might expect. Family blogger Meegan Harvey takes us on a short trip around this remarkable city and tells us about its best-kept secrets and hidden getaways.By Meegan HarveyChiang Mai …We only booked a short three-day stay, but all five of us wished we had stayed longer. Chiang Mai provides […]
  • Life as an Expat Mum
    Life as an Expat Mum
    For those on the outside, we might look as if we’re living in paradise. But, expat mum and Steps with Theera board member Anna Raymond explains, we still face the usual day-to-day challenges, often isolated from our core support network, making self-care all the more important.By Anna RaymondAs expat parents living in Thailand, we are […]