Year: 2019

  • Life as an Expat Mum
    Life as an Expat Mum
    For those on the outside, we might look as if we’re living in paradise. But, expat mum and Steps with Theera board member Anna Raymond explains, we still face the usual day-to-day challenges, often isolated from our core support network, making self-care all the more important.By Anna RaymondAs expat parents living in Thailand, we are […]
  • Self-care Isn’t Selfish
    Self-care Isn’t Selfish
    Often mum’s the one who looks after everyone in the family, but the concept of nurturing does not seem to extend to the mother herself. Gale, Founder of My Mummy First, tells us how she has addressed this need based on her own experience.By Gale RuttanaphonWhen I gave birth to Vivian and made the transition […]
  • Two Steps towards Transformation
    Two Steps towards Transformation
    Personal and professional life coach Jasmin Braun provides practical tips on how to start the process of a personal transformation.By Jasmin BraunPersonal transformation is letting go of what’s holding you back and creating what you want to see in your life instead.As we have just started a new year, we often think about what we want […]
  • BAMBI News January 2019
    BAMBI News January 2019
    View PDF Dear members,Happy New Year, 2019!May this year be fulfilling and extraordinary for you in all your endeavors; may it bring you good health, much happiness, and many new opportunities and possibilities!2018 was another eventful year. We enjoyed playgroups at new venues and new activities, we hosted Bumps and Babies at new venues, received a […]