Year: 2020

  • BAMBI News October 2020
    BAMBI News October 2020
    View PDF Dear Members, I’m Gloria, the new Chairwoman and I’d also like to introduce our Vice-Chairwoman, Terryn who recently joined BAMBI and has kindly offered to volunteer in this role.As a long-time BAMBI member, I read the magazine every month and it has always been a pleasure to see what our past Chairwomen had to say. […]
  • BAMBI News September 2020
    BAMBI News September 2020
    View PDF  Dear members,Welcome to the September issue. I hope that by the time you receive this issue, the extremely long break from school is over. I’ve found it challenging to keep the kids and myself interested and motivated during these long months of social distancing. It takes a lot of creativity some days to […]
    Need some book recommendations for your child and for parents? Here are some titles picked by Kinokuniya for BAMBI families. (Japanese books follow the English titles. 日本語の本もお見逃しなく☆) For Kids Share Your Rainbow: 18 Artists Draw Their Hope for the Future Author: Various Inspired by kids across the country displaying rainbows in their windows, acclaimed illustrators […]
  • Providing Creative Play for Children
    Providing Creative Play for Children
    Creative play brings tremendous benefits to our children – there are many ways parents can experiment to engage children creatively, which bring joy and spark parents’ and children’s creativity.  By Anna Manuel  Children can be a tough audience. While everything amuses them, very few impress them.I have been making an impression on very young minds […]
  • Can the Path to Motherhood Crush Creativity?
    Can the Path to Motherhood Crush Creativity?
    Midwife Emma McNerlin reflects on the phenomenon of “baby brain” in pregnant and new mothers and explores it’s reported effects on creativity.   By Emma McNerlin Pregnancy gets some very bad press when it comes to the effect it has on the mother’s brain. Add this to the nausea, painful joints, swollen breasts and feet and it […]
  • Rediscovering Yourself Through Mindfulness 自分らしく生きるための第一歩 ~自分の心と向き合っていますか?
    Rediscovering Yourself Through Mindfulness 自分らしく生きるための第一歩 ~自分の心と向き合っていますか?
    “Mindfulness” is to let go of your inclinations and thoughts, and to know your true mind. But what does it really mean?   By Tomoko Morikawa / Translated by Hanae Matsumura [日本語記事へ]   I teach mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in my current profession. What do these two have in common? In a nutshell, they have a […]