Month: March 2021

  • Ideas for Playing at Home
    Ideas for Playing at Home
    Suzi has simple but fun activities for home play and also for some quality play time with you!By: Suzi ChaemchaengThe challenge of online learning or just being at home when you have young children can be overwhelming. There are negative feelings that prick your heart with guilt if they are staring at screens more than […]
  • Play…is a Child’s Work!
    Play…is a Child’s Work!
    Have you noticed how your kids seem to play a different way as they grow older? In this article, Dr. Blakemore explains the different stages and types of play and what benefits they can offer.By: Dr. Lynn BlakemoreThe concept of play can be difficult to define and we all have our perceptions of what play […]
  • Fostering Children’s Creative Growth
    Fostering Children’s Creative Growth
    Have you ever wondered about the best ways to encourage your child to grow creatively? Piyachat Finney writes about the ways you can be successful in doing this.By Piyachat FinneyAs a parent or caregiver, we all strive to boost our children’s creative growth to the best of our abilities. However, being a facilitator for your […]
  • Unfolding the Myths About Plant-Based Diets
    Unfolding the Myths About Plant-Based Diets
    Meat has always been considered a rich source of protein, calcium and various other nutrients. Here we unfold the various myths related to a plant-based diet that is not only nutritious but also interesting and creative.By Nutrition Support Team at Bumrungrad HospitalThere are food fads and in-trend diets, and then there are food revolutions that […]
  • Why Every Woman Should have a Doula
    Why Every Woman Should have a Doula
    Having a doula can transform the birth process. Erika shares the benefits and how she improved her experience as a mom to be.“If a doula were a drug, it’d be unethical not to use it” – John KennellBy: Erika LindleyMy arrival in Bangkok two years ago was filled with excitement and apprehension, I subsequently found […]