Year: 2021

  • Family-Friendly Spaghetti Carbonara
    Family-Friendly Spaghetti Carbonara
    Vana has secured her son’s favorite spaghetti carbonara recipe from Audrey’s Café for BAMBI families to try at home for a simple and tasty meal.By Vana KasemsriMy children went to a nursery in the Thonglor area, and we were fortunate to discover Audrey’s Café, which is within walking distance from the nursery. We would go […]
  • Positive Ways to Ease Sibling Rivalry
    Positive Ways to Ease Sibling Rivalry
    Johanna presents tips to ease the tension when there are two or more kids in the family.By Johanna de KonigAs parents, we dream of having a harmonious family, but it’s not easy when our children don’t get along with each other. Kids don’t get to choose if they want a sibling or not. It’s simply […]
  • BAMBI Magazine May 2021
    BAMBI Magazine May 2021
     View PDF  Welcome to the May issue! This month’s theme is family, which for me and maybe for you, could be an emotional topic in these challenging times. It has been over a year since the stay-at-home and travel restrictions due to COVID-19 were announced and significantly changed the way we connect with our families. I never […]
  • Stay Safe during Sizzling Songkran Holidays
    Stay Safe during Sizzling Songkran Holidays
    Safety tips for a perfect and safe holiday to a beach or any other body of water during the upcoming Songkran holiday ahead.By Gordon EllardWhether you’re paddling in the sea or swimming in the pool, lake, or river, swim safely with these Songkran holiday swimming safety tips.1. Supervision. Children should never be left unsupervised near […]
  • Exciting Ways to Explore Nature in Bangkok
    Exciting Ways to Explore Nature in Bangkok
      Finding an area of greenery in a metropolitan city like Bangkok is challenging but not impossible. In this article, Juliet lists some of the places she loves and tips on how to make the visit worthwhile when you plan to bring kids.By Juliet PerrinThere is something just so delightful when you are out in […]
  • Parenting with Playfulness and Respect
    Parenting with Playfulness and Respect
    Suzi explains how her childhood experiences led her to discover the concept of respectful parenting and the tools we can use to connect with and understand our children.By Suzi ChaemchangWhen I became a new mother I asked everyone for advice. I spent hours scrolling social media mum groups and websites seeking the right way to […]