Year: 2021

  • Help Your Kids to Speak the Language of Emotions
    Help Your Kids to Speak the Language of Emotions
    Is it enough to just ask your child to calm down during emotional outbursts, or is there more you can do to nurture his or her emotional intelligence? Galina Kalinina explains how we can teach children to express their feelings through words. By Galina KalininaWe’re all born with emotions, but nobody is born with emotional intelligence. […]
  • BAMBI Magazine April 2021
    BAMBI Magazine April 2021
    View PDF Dear BAMBI members,  This month’s theme is one of my favorites: Nature!  Whilst I consider myself a “city rat” I often find myself craving contact with nature. It fills my soul and it might sound unbelievable but every time I go to the mountains, especially if there’s a river I automatically feel more relaxed, […]
  • BAMBI Magazine March 2021
    BAMBI Magazine March 2021
    View PDF  Welcome to March!One of the themes of this month’s edition is Play! As I am writing this we are about to reopen most of our playgroups and activities. They aren’t all going to be open just yet due to government restrictions, but we hope to have them all open again by March/April (fingers […]
  • 5 Local Shops To Discover
    5 Local Shops To Discover
    Gosia shares her experience of the top 5 best-loved shops that are handy in these COVID-19 times.By: Gosia KurowskaShopping in Bangkok: You either love it or you hate it. If you’re someone who loves endless browsing, you’ll have a wonderful time at the numerous malls, markets and plethora of small shops. However, it can get […]
  • When Children Grieve
    When Children Grieve
    It’s hard for parents to recognize how and when our children grieve and how to help.By Johanna De Konig, Image by Mark Filter from PixabayAs parents, we often want to protect our children from sorrow, which is not always possible. In fact, sometimes we parents do not realize that our children mourn and are sad […]
  • Family Brunch in the Gardens and Cheese Sticks Recipe
    Family Brunch in the Gardens and Cheese Sticks Recipe
    Vana shares her family’s favorite outdoor brunch spot in Sukhumvit and has even sourced their favorite recipe to share with readers.  Enjoy!By Vana KasemriOne of the places I enjoy visiting with my children is The Gardens of Dinsor Palace restaurant. It is situated in a renovated two-story teakwood home that was the residence of Princess […]