Year: 2021

  • Creating a Library at Home
    Creating a Library at Home
    Lindsay shares her tried-and-tested tips to instil a love of reading within your family with a home library.By Lindsay ZielinskiWe all want our child to be a great reader. So where do we start? Definitely not with flashcards or tutoring. It’s not even with a fancy private school, either. What if I told you none […]
  • Fun Corner: Search and Find – Food
    Fun Corner: Search and Find – Food
    Welcome to BAMBI’s Fun Corner! This month’s Search and Find activity is all about food. How many different food items can you find in the picture? Click the red button to get started! View Activity  
  • TikTok: Ideas for Feeding Your Family
    TikTok: Ideas for Feeding Your Family
    Eunice tells us how TikTok videos can be a useful source of tips and hacks for busy parents.By Eunice EnriquezAs a mom and social media lover, I turned to TikTok to find some recipes and tricks for feeding my toddler. I started looking for experts, but I realized that the best tips were from regular […]
  • Budgeting for Busy Parents
    Budgeting for Busy Parents
    Ever been on a scramble for funds to cover unforeseen expenses? Or you just can’t figure out where the last ฿100 went to? If you feel you should start budgeting or want to learn how to budget better, this article by Jex Leigh Roach is just what you need.By Jex Leigh RoachMoney affects almost every […]
  • Healthy Baked Pasta Recipe
    Healthy Baked Pasta Recipe
    Shanika, a home caterer and a mom, shares how to make a yummy, veggie-packed pasta dish for your little ones.By Shanika JayMy 18-month-old daughter is a fussy eater, and this recipe is the best for kids who are hesitant to eat vegetables. The creamy sauce is packed with flavor and is a cheat’s way of […]
  • BAMBI Charities Report: Supporting Baan Dek Foundation
    BAMBI Charities Report: Supporting Baan Dek Foundation
    BAMBI Charities is pleased to report its support of Baan Dek Foundation for the third year. Through the generosity of our members, many young children and their families have received much needed support during this tough time.By Supriya Kasaju, Partnerships Manager, Baan Dek Foundation and Yoshiko Swinney, BAMBI Charities CoordinatorSince 2019, BAMBI has been supporting […]