Month: February 2023

  • Books To Inspire
    Books To Inspire
    Brought to you by Neilson Hays Library.
  • Self-Compassion
    Compassion involves the act of sympathizing with others. However, sometimes it is easier to sympathize with others than ourselves. Cecilia Yu shows us how to exercise self-compassion, leading to a healthier relationship with ourselves.
  • No-Sew Love Bug Heart Cushion!
    No-Sew Love Bug Heart Cushion!
    In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, our resident creator Anelia shares a super cute, no-sew, cushion craft to do with your kids and celebrate the thing that binds you to each other—love.
  • Working Towards A Successful Divorce Process With Your Children.
    Working Towards A Successful Divorce Process With Your Children.
    Announcing a separation to your children is difficult. Family therapist and counselor, Piyachat Finney, explains how to team up to support your children after a decision to divorce your partner.
  • BAMBI Magazine February 2023
    BAMBI Magazine February 2023
    Dear members, Welcome to our February issue! As we all know, it’s the month of Valentine’s Day. How do you celebrate ‘love’ in your culture? In Japan, there is a custom that women express their feelings to men by giving them chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but nowadays it’s not only in romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day […]
  • Love Abroad
    Love Abroad
    Navigating the turbulent seas of love isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve traveled overseas to do it. Deputy Editor, Rachel Ofo, highlights some positives and negatives, while sharing her personal story of finding love in a country away from home.