Month: March 2023

  • BAMBI Magazine March 2023
    BAMBI Magazine March 2023
    Dear members, Hello! As BAMBI’s database coordinator, most of the ways I support BAMBI are from behind my laptop screen. I activate memberships, support our amazing volunteers who lead all of our BAMBI activities, and manage plenty othermembership tasks. So while I may not get to meet many members in person, chances are I have […]
  • Books To Inspire
    Books To Inspire
    Brought to you by Neilson Hays Library.
  • Beyond Breasts
    Beyond Breasts
    Life took on a different meaning when Rasee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. She shares her experience, from diagnosis to post-treatment, and reminds us to live every day as though it may be our last.
  • Back Pain and Keeping Your Spine Healthy
    Back Pain and Keeping Your Spine Healthy
    Emma Lawrence, a British chartered physiotherapist, presents tips to keep your spine healthy throughout the parenting years.
  • Your Gut, Your Life
    Your Gut, Your Life
    The idiom ‘go with your gut’ has never had more meaning. When she began struggling with gut issues, Jaqui Deeon decided to get to the bottom of her problems. She learned the importance of keeping the digestive system balanced and even shared some recipes to help us do the same.
  • Go With The Flow
    Go With The Flow
    Contrary to what you may have learned when you were younger, menstruation is nothing to be confused, worried or embarrassed about. Rachel says that by preparing age-appropriate answers we can help our children realize that this is a normal and important part of life.