BAMBI and Giving Tree Bring Holiday Joy

Published on: February 11, 2019

Sixty-five BAMBI families donated 87 bags to Karen children for the holiday gift appeal with the Giving Tree.

By Chiaki Takegawa Chan

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our Christmas charity appeal in partnership with Giving Tree, an organization that arranges gift bags for children of Karen villages in the mountains of northern Thailand (Tha Song Yang District). Those children from less privileged families and communities look forward to the arrival of these Christmas bags each year. It is amazing to see their faces light up with joy as they receive their gifts, and to feel the spirit of Christmas.

This year, 65 BAMBI families donated 87 bags filled with warm jackets, t-shirts, school supplies, and special gifts requested by each child, such as a football, football shirt, shoes, or a watch, and of course lots of love. An additional cash donation from BAMBI families and BAMBI charities funds were used to purchase special bags and to fill an extra 10 gift bags.

This year, St. Andrews International High School students and Faye, a former BAMBI Charities Coordinator, helped in the tremendous task of gathering 55 bags and loading them all onto a van to be delivered to the children in the villages.

Many thanks again to the very generous BAMBI families supporting this appeal.

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