BAMBI Supports Baan Dek Foundation

Published on: February 13, 2020

By Melissa Zebrowski (Director of Partnerships, Baan Dek Foundation) and Yoshiko Swinney (Charities Coordinator, BAMBI)  

At BAMBI we are very proud last year to have selected Baan Dek Foundation ( as our partner. Baan Dek Foundation (BDF) is dedicated to working with more than 1,500 vulnerable children living in urban slums in Chiang Mai and Bangkok to provide emergency case management, child development, and community empowerment activities. These endeavors aim to foster sustainable support and life-saving access to education, health, and safety services.  BAMBI was able to offer THB300,000 to support one of their projects, Tchin Tcho Nursery.

Research has shown that during early childhood, brain development is rapid and dependent upon quality stimulation, adequate nutrition, and social interaction. As part of the work, BDF regularly observes many children in these environments are void of cognitive, social, emotional and physical development opportunities as they’re exposed to unsafe conditions, violence, negative emotional stimulus and a lack of structure. Also, many babies and toddlers in these environments are cared for by other child caretakers, who then themselves cannot attend school, or by their mothers who then need to stop working, resulting in financial hardship. In other instances, these children may be placed in informal nurseries where there is often little to no developmental stimulation.

Taking this into consideration, BDF’s response to Early Childhood Care Development (ECCD) needs is based on both community and individual needs assessments. Our team of Social Advisors supports mothers, babies, and toddlers by providing outreach and community-level support, as well as having their own fantastic critical care nursery in Chiang Mai to provide care and support – the Tchin Tcho Nursery.

BAMBI is supporting this amazing Tchin Tcho Nursery for vulnerable children aged 1 ½  to 4 years old. The Tchin Tcho Nursery provides children with a safe environment and quality ECCD that stimulates young children’s physical, cognitive, linguistic, emotional and social needs. This helps to provide them with not only life-saving support but also essential developmental skills that will allow them to thrive! In 2018, the Tchin Tcho Nursery was opened for 245 days, and supported 32 vulnerable children by providing 2,492 nutritious lunches, and an average of 1,225 hours of education including Thai language, hygiene, art, exercise, singing, dancing, and playing.  

The nursery prepares each child to effectively integrate into the Thai school system by following a regular schedule of interactive activities. This routine promotes children to adjust to their environment and prepares them for the structure of a normal school day.  As part of their daily routine, children express their creativity through various art media activities that fuel their imagination through story-time with their teachers. During free play, these children are able to improve their social, emotional and linguistic skills through collaborative play with new friends, while they also develop their motor skills and cognitive abilities by playing with a wide range of educational materials and toys. For many of the children, this may be their only opportunity to access books, art materials, musical instruments, and educational toys.

Along with the regular Thai nursery curriculum, children are taught about hygiene – how to wash their hands correctly and how to brush their teeth after meals. When they enter the nursery, they also learn how to be more independent, are taught how to dress themselves, how to eat with utensils (an essential skill for entering Thai schools), and even how to use a toilet – which means no more diaper expenses for parents!

While the Tchin Tcho Nursery meets childcare needs on a short-term basis, the Social Advisors at BDF provide tailored individual support and parental counseling to families in difficult situations in order to empower the family in a long-term, sustainable manner. It is because of the support of BAMBI that BDF is able to meet the needs of both children and their families to create a positive and supportive environment where children can grow and flourish.  

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