Celebrating 40 Years of Successful Partnerships

Published on: April 13, 2022

The British Club Bangkok

BAMBI is proud to have offered a variety of activities for our community throughout our 40 years of operation. From regular meetups, playgroups, and charity fundraisers, to special events like Christmas parties and yard sales—we’ve achieved a lot! But none of these would’ve been possible without the kind support and involvement of many other local organizations, some of which we have worked with for many of our 40 years. Here’s what some of them have to say about the relationship we’ve built over time.

The British Club Bangkok

40 years ago, BAMBI’s first playgroup was held at The British Club. To this day still, BAMBI runs a weekly playgroup at The British Club, giving kids and parents the opportunity to meet up, connect, and play.

We have also partnered with BAMBI for many years in hosting numerous community events, including the annual Splash Party during which we celebrate the Songkran holiday with BAMBI members.

On occasion, BAMBI also holds swimming sessions in The British Club pool in partnership with a swim school or international school. This is a great way for new parents to get comfortable and introduced to swimming lessons for their little ones in Bangkok. 

BAMBI’s Annual General Meeting has also been held at The British Club many times over the years. As you can see, this ongoing partnership has been very successful, and we hope for it to continue for many more years to come. 

Wishing you a very happy 40th birthday, BAMBI!

 Bumpsy Daisy

Bumpsy Daisy Cafe and Community. Image: Ian Taylor Photography

Bumpsy Daisy is delighted to have been the home of BAMBI Bumps & Babies since February 2021. Bumpsy Daisy exists as a parenting support café and community space for young families because of my six years as a BAMBI Bumps & Babies volunteer. Here I can use my skills and background as a UK registered midwife offering workshops and advice for new and expecting parents, as well as provide a hub for the wider birthing support community. We compliment BAMBI perfectly, offering a haven to the postpartum sisterhood of the sleep deprived and an opportunity to connect with other new parents and have someone hold your baby while you have a coffee and chat. This concept began for me with BAMBI, culminating in creating a friendly and welcoming space for new and expecting parents trying to navigate pregnancy and new parenthood far from home and family. I have been honored to see so many of our BAMBI babies grow up and their parents thrive and finding a welcoming space at Bumpsy Daisy. Happiest of Birthdays BAMBI. Here’s to the next 40 years!


BAMBI yard sale at Hilton Sukhumvit

Hilton’s collaboration with BAMBI is based on our shared values of prioritizing the wellbeing of the communities in which we operate and the valuable work BAMBI does in our community.

During COVID, this relationship strengthened with both organizations feeling the need to support families to remain connected and engaged, and to foster the best environment for future generations. Also thanks to the increased safety and hygiene protocols implemented through the Hilton CleanStay program, we were able to provide a safe home for many of BAMBI’s fun and creative activities.

As stewards of the destinations in which we operate, we are committed to leveraging our passion and desire to create long lasting memories, and we are privileged to do so with a partner such as BAMBI! 

Wishing you a wonderful 40th birthday, BAMBI, and thank you for everything you do for our local community!  


Khun Dao at ScandMedia

ScandMedia has been the publishing partner of BAMBI since the spring of 2000. That is 22 years or more than half the age of BAMBI!

The BAMBI Magazine has been the main job and still is, but there was a time in late 2006 until June 2010 when ScandMedia also fulfilled the role of programmer for the website bambiweb.org. BAMBI already had a website, but ScandMedia was asked to make it a dynamic, database-driven website programmed in PHP. We had started doing that with our own website in 2003 and were pioneers in this.

The first designer at ScandMedia to make the layout of the magazine was ‘Khun Tor’ or Soranai. This was in 2000 and the magazine was produced in black and white with a blue color on the cover at the time. ScandMedia later introduced full color printing on some of the pages—including the cover and pages 4 and 5 and page 8 where the advertisements could be placed. That created a jump in advertisement revenue. As the production method was traditional offset printing, it meant that we also had color on the back page, the 4th and 5th last page and the 8th last page, but they were less attractive to the customers. In those years, advertising sales was managed by an elected salesperson on the BAMBI committee.

 In 2007, the BAMBI magazine was transferred to ‘Khun Pum’ or Suchaya. Two years later, Khun Pum left to work with another publisher, but she has since returned and is the marketing director for printing at ScandMedia today. 

In February 2009, ‘Khun Dao’ or Disraporn stepped in and designed her first issue of BAMBI Magazine, and has been it’s cornerstone at ScandMedia ever since. As the designer for 13 years, she has worked with numerous editors of BAMBI Magazine, and has always enjoyed a good relationship with them. 

Also in 2009, BAMBI transferred the job of selling advertisements to ScandMedia’s marketing director for advertisements, Mr. Finn Balslev. The increase in income he created went straight into offering a much larger magazine for the members, sometimes up to 64 pages monthly. Currently, the COVID-19 crisis is challenging his sales, but this is expected to be a temporary issue only.

Celebrating ScandMedia’s 22-year legacy with BAMBI, we hope to see the “Boing” baby, BAMBI’s lucky talisman, continue bouncing on through the pages for many more years to come!

Bangkok Dolphins

Infant swimming classes at Bangkok Dolphins

Over the past 25 years, Bangkok Dolphins has met so many wonderful volunteers who have helped BAMBI support so many families all over Bangkok.

As a father of two, I will never forget my first ‘swim lesson’ in the bathtub soon after returning home from the hospital with my firstborn—an unforgettable memory. I also have many fond memories of attending Bumps Babies sessions to speak to new parents as well as parents-to-be about the joys of baby swimming. It was a privilege to be involved and something we still do today.  

 The BAMBI playgroups in the pool as well as Splash Parties have been such great fun and something Bangkok Dolphins hopes to continue once COVID has passed!

 The BAMBI Christmas parties and Halloween Spooktacular events have also been highlights of the year, ones which we have thoroughly enjoyed attending—even if it means James has to dress up as Santa!

 Happy 40th birthday, BAMBI. What an amazing organization with incredible volunteers. We are proud to be a part of what you do!

Baan Dek Foundation

Tchin Tcho Nursery

Since 2019, Baan Dek Foundation (BDF) and BAMBI have partnered to support some of the most vulnerable young children in Chiang Mai, Thailand. BDF is a Thai foundation that provides access to education, health, and safety services for vulnerable children living in urban slums and construction site camps in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

BDF has many projects that bolster child development, including the Tchin Tcho Critical Care Nursery, which BAMBI has supported through grants and various toy drive donations. In doing so, BAMBI has supported over 30 vulnerable young children, many of whom were initially trapped in a cycle of poverty—as victims of abuse or neglect, facing dire circumstances—and helped provide them with an opportunity to realize their full potential and gain a head start in life.

BAMBI’s support has been especially valuable since the onset of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, the Tchin Tcho Nursery has remained closed for nearly a year, in compliance with government directives prohibiting the opening of early childhood development centers. BAMBI’s toy drive in 2021 helped spread some joy amongst young children who remained ‘trapped’ at home with little to no mental stimulation. 

We at Baan Dek deeply value our partnership with BAMBI in helping us further our mission and would like to extend our congratulations to BAMBI on reaching this milestone! The team at BAMBI must be very proud of its accomplishments over the decades. Happy Birthday from BDF!

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