BAMBI Classifieds are open to both BAMBI members (free) and non-members (for a donation). Families can advertise their domestic helper requirements (maids, nannies, and drivers), tutor requirements, or buy/sell secondhand or preloved goods. This service is not available to commercial businesses or to promote events external to BAMBI.

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  1. All adverts will be vetted and approved by BAMBI for content before publishing, to ensure that they comply with BAMBI and Childbirth and Breastfeeding Foundation of Thailand (CBFT) policies and regulations.

  2. BAMBI reserves the right to refuse to publish posts which it deems unsuitable for our audience.

  3. An ad will be rejected if it is commercial, promotional, inappropriate, or in violation of usage.

  4. BAMBI does not post ads for formula milk because of our relationship with the CBFT.

  5. If posting pre-loved goods for sale, any photographs uploaded in the classified must be of the actual goods for sale, no stock photos will be accepted.

  6. Ads will be kept live on the website for a maximum of 3 weeks, after which they will be removed. BAMBI members can remove their posts at any time by logging into the website and going to Manage Advert; non-members can request their ads to be removed at an earlier date by emailing

  7. Advertisements should not be placed on behalf of another person; they are for personal use only.  

  8. BAMBI does not support reposting of duplicate adverts on the classified page. Ads can be extended beyond the 3-week period by email request to For non-members, extensions are subject to a further suggested ฿500 donation.

  9. BAMBI will aim to publish all classified adverts in a timely manner, within seven days of first contact; however BAMBI is run by volunteer parents, so your patience, especially around holiday periods, is appreciated.

  10. Misuse of BAMBI Classifieds may result in suspension of your classified advertisement posting privilege or termination of your BAMBI membership, depending on the severity of abuse.


How to Post a Classified Advert

BAMBI Members: Posting classified adverts is free for active BAMBI members.

To post an advert, log in to the BAMBI website, complete the classified form, and submit it for approval. If it meets BAMBI standards as detailed above, the advert will appear within 5 working days of submission.

Members can also edit and remove adverts from the site directly by logging into the website and going to Manage Advert.

Non-Members: Classified services are available to non-members for a fee.

Non-members should submit their classified advert by email to for approval. Upon approval of the classified advert, non-members will receive an email with instructions on how to make a suggested minimum donation of ฿500 per advertisement, to be paid by bank branch or ATM transfer to BAMBI’s account.

To make an online payment:
Bank: TTB (TMB Thanachart Bank)
Account Name: CHILDBIRTH AN (as it appears on the ATM screen)
Bank account: 152 2 17807 6

The advert should appear within 4 working days of receipt of payment. To amend or remove their advert, non-members may contact