Love To Our Learning Leaders

Published on: July 22, 2022

This month, our deputy editor, Rachel Ofo, explores the value of human connection and the care given to us by some of the real-life heroes among us—teachers.

By Rachel Ofo

Who is your favorite teacher of all time? Most of us can think of one or two teachers who—no matter how many years have passed—still hold a special place in our minds and hearts. Whether it’s because of the way they taught us, or how comfortable they made us feel, our connection to those educators remains. While these connections were initially built to simply share information, they now go much deeper.

Our brains are constantly taking in information; we’re learning non-stop. It could be figuring out how to order your favorite meal in Thai, or how to work your new washing machine—there are specific details we need to understand to be successful in what we’re doing. However, sometimes learning isn’t as simple as picking up a manual or typing something into Google. Often, learning is most effective when the lesson is personalized for us, with the help of someone who can read our confused faces and adjust appropriately. We need someone who is trained in understanding that different people receive and process information in different ways. Most of the time, we need the help of a teacher.

From nursery to university and beyond, the need for teachers is clear. Teachers show up day in, day out to provide us with knowledge we wouldn’t otherwise understand. And what’s more noteworthy about what they do is that it doesn’t just begin when students arrive and end when they leave. The incredible number of hours they put in before and after teaching sessions is akin to another full day’s shift. Their work is never-ending, but their passion to teach and nurture minds fuels their drive to help all those who reach out to them. At the heart of it, they work incredibly hard to inspire us and broaden our minds. The effort put in is similar for all teachers, regardless of the age of their learners or where the lesson takes place. 

Thailand offers a variety of learning opportunities and environments for people of all ages, and with that, a broad range of teachers who cater to different needs and learning styles. Children can attend a range of government or international schools as well as language centers for after-school sessions. We also can’t forget homeschooling and private tutors, who provide learning in the comfort of a home. One thing that is constant, regardless of where learning takes place, is that learners need the support of someone who teaches to help them feel successful in every aspect of  life.

There are teachers whose work may sometimes go unnoticed. From swimming instructors, to Muay Thai trainers, to music teachers—they remain ever-present, ready to guide and answer whatever questions may arise without judgment. Informal teachers are also important, like a Thai friend who patiently explains local language and customs to help you better navigate life in the country. The help they provide spans beyond teaching us a single skill in that single moment of learning.

What teachers do isn’t limited to ABCs. They watch tears of frustration and joy, and welcome the vulnerability that comes with learning something new. They provide opportunities to build life skills, create a safe place to seek comfort, and even provide a compass to guide us through this big, confusing world, whether we are lost or just need help staying on track. Everything we learn from teachers and experience in life helps shape who we are, which inevitably shapes the world’s future. So let’s never forget to show our appreciation to those who have helped guide us. To the traditional teachers, to the unconventional teachers, to the unintentional teachers—thank you. We truly value you. We hope you’ll take this summer holiday and enjoy the much-deserved break.

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About the Author

Rachel moved from the US to Bangkok in 2016. She has a daughter, whom she loves dragging around the city on various adventures. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching movies and trying new restaurants. She also enjoys being out in nature with her daughter. She joined BAMBI as an assistant editor and looks forward to this opportunity.

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