Outdoor School Bangkok

March 30, 2023 10:00am - 11:00am
  • Time & day: every Thursday, 10-11 am.
  • Target age: For children aged 6 months to 3 years.
  • Description: Playgroup in Outdoor School Bangkok connects children with nature, which gets rarer and rarer to engage with in this bustling mega-city. Held in an outdoor setting, children get to feel the grass against their feet, wind on their faces, hear birds and see chipmunks leaping from tree to tree.  They also get to observe the resident turtle up close and be with it in that quiet stillness. Monthly themes guide the stories, songs, and play on offer. Activities are highly interactive, sensory-rich yet gentle, moving with the flow and energy of the participants. Children get to be comfortable and confident in themselves and explore, and parents get to see what lights them up, how they communicate, and how they are in a group. See for yourself how your children develop language, social skills, and understanding of the world in an outdoor setting in Bangkok.
  • Registration required or not: Booking via LINE account 097-092-0924 or by contacting 097-092-0924.
  • Location (school name, address): Outdoor School Bangkok – Sukhumvit 46, Bangkok (5 mins walk from BTS Phrakhanong)
  • Transportation/parking availability: Just off BTS Phrakhanong. Parking available at school.
  • Water/snack provided: Snacks provided.
  • Fee per family: 350฿ per child/session, 300฿ for BAMBI members per child/session or 3000/10 sessions.
  • Contact: for more details please call 097-092-0924.
  • ID required to enter: proof of BAMBI membership for discount.
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