Pop Up Playgroup @Precious Learners World International Nursery and Kindergarten

March 25, 2023 10:00am - 12:00pm



Magic Show, face painting, Spray Bubble Wrap, Water play under Mushroom rain, Slime making, Art & Crafts and MORE!!
Special Booths are Robotics booth and Photo Booth.


2 VANS are servicing this shuttle service. (9 Adults Seating capacity per van
 All vans will have a Precious Learners World sign on their front large mirror and on the side. 
**First comes first reserved
Time table
Shuttle From True Digital Park to School  
1)09.20 First Round   2)09:45 Second Round  3) 10:15 Third Round 
Shuttle Departure Campus back to True Digital Park
1)12:15 First Round  2)12:45 Second Round  3)1.20  Third Round      



There is no parking in the school. Parking spaces are available sois, please see the attached map.



Special Enrollment Offers: 

1. 50% Discount for Bambi Members for Purchase Package of 10 Playgroups Only On That Pop Up Day. Normal Price is 500 Thai Baht Per Playgroup 
2. Special Tuition Offers for Enrollment. 
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