4 Cozy Farm Cafes To Visit Near Bangkok

Published on: January 13, 2020

Sometimes we just need to escape the city life for a few hours to refresh ourselves by getting close to nature. A mom shares her favorite farm cafes with plenty of outdoor goodness for the entire family.

By Chayuda Pieterse

Are you looking for a place to take your kids this weekend? Most kids love to be outdoors, on a farm, feeding animals but what about you, you might prefer to sit and have a little break after a busy week.  How about relaxing a little over good food and coffee while watching your kids experience a bit of farm life? Check out the farm cafes below. I actually prefer it to a normal farm visit. It’s generally a nicer setting, cleaner and more comfortable for a multigenerational family outing too. My son and his grandparents enjoy their time together every time we go. 

Here are some of our favorite places that you may like to visit too:

1. Dubua café: Nakornchaisri, Nakorn Pathom (1 hour drive from inner Bangkok)

This massive 54 rais (86,400m2) smart farm located not so far from Mahidol university is the answer to your family’s weekend activity. There are rabbits, chicken, ducks and buffalos to feed and touch and free bicycles to ride. Dubua means to “see the lotus flower” in Thai and here you can enjoy paddle boating around their wonderful lotus pond.

A weekend market, café, and restaurant are onsite.

Opening hours: Every day except Monday, 9am-6pm
More information: facebook.com/DuBuaBangLen  

2. Montreux café and farm, Ongkarak, Nakorn Nayok (1.15 mins drive from inner Bangkok)

A charming setting in a green environment where kids can row a wooden boat, feed chickens, ducks, and fish. They can do activities such as painting, planting trees including rice in the muddy field and end the day with a mudslide! Good food and drinks can be ordered at the café in front of the farm. 

Open: Every day except Monday, 9am-7pm
More information: facebook.com/Montreuxcafeandfarm  


3. Baan 1,000 Mai café & farm, Samkhok Pathum Thani (1 hour drive from inner Bangkok)

This one only opens on the weekend which is one of the reasons why it’s always full of people. Kids can play in the sandpit, mold real clay, plant trees, collect organic eggs, paint, row a boat and ride a bicycle. Food and drinks here are not as fancy as the others but it’s still nice.

Open: Only on the weekend, 9am-5pm
More information: Phone 091 998 2466

4. A’ la Campagne Pattaya, Chonburi (2 hour drive from Bangkok)

A lovely rustic European style compound in the middle of busy Pattaya. The ingredients used in their restaurants are either sourced locally or harvested from their backyard farm. Kids can browse through their farm and check out a compound for chickens, goats, and horses. Don’t forget to visit their tea factory as well. Lots of yummy desserts and quality drinks.

Open: Every day, 10am-9pm
More information: https://www.facebook.com/alacampagnepattaya/  

Images courtesy of the author.

About the Author

Born and raised in Thailand, Chayuda is currently a full-time mom. She loves exploring new places and trying new things. She discovers lots of kid-friendly places and activities with her best travel buddy, her 3-year-old son.

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