6 Gems Where Families Can Dine and Play Around Bangkok

Published on: March 09, 2020

Having a peaceful meal with young kids is a fantasy for every parent. Chayuda shares a list of treasured restaurants that not only cater to your taste buds but also to the energy levels of your young ones.

By Chayuda Pieterse  

It’s quite tricky to find kid-friendly restaurants where your little ones can enjoy themselves and give you some free time to relax and enjoy a decent meal. I find that if a restaurant has sliders and a sandpit, then nothing can go wrong. So here are my picks for restaurants in and around Bangkok that you may like to check out.

1. Sweet Poppy (Nonthaburi, about 30 mins from inner Bangkok)

This is a resort-style restaurant located in Nonthaburi. If you use the expressway, you might spend less time getting there than stuck in traffic on Sukhumvit Road! Once you arrive, there’s an Australian inspired restaurant, open-air cafe, juice bar, private studio, store, and outdoor playground. My kid loves the wooden jungle gym, two different sized sliders, and the lovely sandpit with a little cooking hut. The food is good but it can be pricey. 


2. Pumpkin Art Town (Sam Khok, Pathum Thani, an hour drive from inner Bangkok)

A family-friendly space where you can eat, drink, shop, play, stay, and improve your art skills. My family loves everything here. The area is decorated in creative ways, and the setting is beautiful. The kid’s playground is out the front, with an art space and restaurant in the middle, and there’s a café by the river. The food is tasty with lots of options available at a decent price too. We repeatedly come back here, and my son really wants to join their art classes, but he has to wait until he’s a bit older (for four years old and above only).


3. Little Barn Kids café (Nonthaburi, 30 mins drive from inner Bangkok)

At the time of writing, we hadn’t been there, but it’s on my list to explore. My friend and her son had a great time there, so it’s recommended. Her son enjoyed the outdoor playground and indoor kid’s room. Food and drinks were also good. I will definitely be going there to check it out soon.


4. Folktale Café and Bistro (Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 20 mins drive from inner city)

If one of your family members loves vintage cars, this is the place to be. This café and bistro is located next to a vintage car garage, and they have used cars to decorate their space. The sandpit is smaller compared to the other places in this list, and there’s a tiny slide, but it has swings and a huge trampoline as a substitute. The food is good and reasonably priced. I like that it’s not so far to get there.


5. Happy Seeds: Family and Book Café (Thawi Wattana, Bangkok 30 mins drive from inner city)

Do any of your family members have allergies? Happy Seeds focus on healthy food options, so they make sure that their food is gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and has no MSG or preservatives. They also use hormone-free meat and only use USDA organic certified veggies and coffee beans. There are reading activities every weekend, along with some arts and crafts. At the back of the restaurant, there is a sand area and water play, so your kids will definitely have something to keep themselves busy.


6. Central Festival Eastville (Lat Phrao, Bangkok 20 mins drive from inner city)

Well, it’s not a standalone restaurant, but I want to include it in the list as it has a slide and sandpit in the middle of the shopping mall! I wish they could do this in every mall. Hopefully, this makes your kid enjoy spending time with you when you want to do some shopping. I love this mall as you can get a cart for your kid and stroll them around for free, and it’s pet-friendly. My son loves looking at and playing with dogs. There are lots of restaurants to choose from, or you can save by eating at the food court right next to the sandpit. Apart from the sandpit for your kids to play, they can spend their energy at a proper play space called FAMplayland on the 3rd floor too.

  Images courtesy of the author.  

About the Author

Born and raised in Thailand, Chayuda is currently a full-time mom. She loves exploring new places and trying new things. She discovers lots of kid-friendly places and activities with her best travel buddy, her 3-year-old son.

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