9 Tips to Realize Your Goals in 2020

Published on: January 13, 2020

Every year, many of us fail to accomplish our first of January resolutions. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Coach and leadership trainer Claudia Gomes shares nine tips to help you reach your goals in 2020.

By Claudia Gomes

I always liked the idea of New Year, a new cycle, new beginnings. But this always got me thinking, why didn’t it work for me? What made me fail year after year?

By failing, I meant that big list of goals I had in hand every first of January listing how I will change, exercise, eat better, study more, etc… The ones that I started but never found the way to finish.

Why was it so hard for me to keep my word to myself? Maybe you don’t see it as breaking a promise, but in a way, that’s what happens when you say you are going to do something and you don’t keep your commitment. You are telling yourself unconsciously that you are not capable. Your confidence goes down. You become someone who cannot keep their word. You feel shame. You feel guilty that it has happened again.

At this stage in my life, I’ve finally stopped this cycle of not completing my tasks. I have a very different understanding of the situation. I learned how to fulfill my goals — not only the first of January ones but all year round.

I would like to give you nine tips to help you achieve what you set out to do in the incredible year ahead of you.

1. Be ok with your past

It is not easy to start something new without accepting your past. Embrace the fact that you have a past; you have things happening to you every minute of the day. You are a unique and whole person with rich experiences.

2. Be clear

Are you sure what you’re aiming for is something that you really want? Or is it something that someone said is good for you or that you think you are “supposed” to do? Being clear about your goals will help you to get a full picture of what it may involve. 

Example: You want to buy a car this year. Think: Do I need a car? What makes me want a car this year? What is buying a car going to change for me? What will happen if I don’t buy this car? Can I afford all the expenses for my car? Where will I park the car? Etc.  

3. Be organized

It will be much easier for you to achieve your goal if you identify the steps you need to take and are organized. Using our example above — if you want to buy a car, you will need to organize the payments, decide when you will buy the car, where you will buy it, etc.

4. Be realistic

Let your mind understand that you can control all steps, you can handle it, you are capable of doing it. See it with your own eyes. Keep moving towards your goal until you get to the point that is suitable for you. Give yourself permission and the time to develop the habit day by day; give your brain time to reshape.

An example could be that you want to have a routine of going to the gym frequently. On the first day, just get dressed. Second day, get dressed and get out of the door. Third day, get dressed, out of the door, and to the gym. On the fourth day, get to the gym and spend five minutes on the machine. 

5. Be you

Knowing who you are is the basis from which you start your journey. Knowing who you are separates you from problems and dramas. Knowing yourself helps you to not impose your unfulfilled dreams on your kids. Understanding who you are helps you to understand the “why” of your actions, your reasons, and your values, so you are able to create conscious choices for the future. 

6. Be grateful

Be grateful for all that you have, for all that you are, for all that you will be able to be. Starting anything in your life with gratitude is a huge step to happiness. Make a gratitude list, adding items every day as a reminder to your own self of the good things that are always happening to you.

7. Be compassionate

Have compassion for yourself, especially in moments of change or when creating something that’s new to you, because you will make mistakes. You won’t be happy with the results in the beginning. That’s natural because you still don’t know exactly what are you doing at this point. You are just starting and you will need to try a few things first to find the best way to make it happen for you. But you will find your way eventually. Hang in there, stay with you. 

8. Be flexible

You will need to adjust to all the changes. You will need to go through the full process. The more flexible you are, the easier the path will be.

9. Be patient

Life can be busy. You need patience to introduce something new to a daily routine; you need strategy, love, and kindness towards yourself.  

The truth is that you can achieve anything that you want in your life but if you are not comfortable with your choices, you will probably find excuses instead of finding motivations.

Having new goals requires letting go of what is not serving you anymore and finding the space for what really matters to you. All your wishes need to mean something to you; they need to be something you will cherish. 

Your biggest accomplishments will come from your passions. When your heart and mind are working together, you will put in more time and effort to accomplish what you want.

That’s what I learned. As soon as I could see the whole picture of the importance of my goals and the authenticity of my desires, I could accomplish them. With confidence. With certainty. With pleasure.

I wish that all your goals are realized this year. I wish you the life that you want. 

Happy New Year! Happy new you! Keep connecting with others!

Image by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.

About the Author

Claudia Gomes Claudia is an accredited ICF PCC Coach, leadership trainer, and business development manager. She helps individuals develop emotional intelligence and establish healthy relationships at a personal and professional level. Claudia has more than 20 years of experience in sales and management in the corporate sector in Brazil, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Her services are in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. Connect at contact@claudiagomes.coach or visit www.claudiagomes.coach.

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