A Weekend in Suan Phueng and Phetchaburi スワンプンとペッチャブリ-で週末旅行

Published on: January 13, 2020

Situated in Western Thailand, Phetchaburi and Ratchaburi Provinces are full of wonderful destinations for family weekend travel. A hot spring, sheep pasture, and historical park with an amazing landscape… Shigeki Miyamoto tells us more.  

By Shigeki Miyamoto / Translated by Hanae Matsumura [日本語記事へ

The linchpin of the trip is Boeklueng Hot Spring which lies near the border with Myanmar, about 200km away from Bangkok. My preferred plan is to stay at the cozy JW Boeklueng Hot Spring Resort for a night and visit some tourist destinations in Phetchaburi and Ratchaburi Provinces on the way to and from there. The must-visit places are:  

Khao Luang Cave 

The first one is Khao Luang Cave, which is a relatively short distance from Phetchaburi City. Inside the cave there are a number of Buddha statues in various sizes, giving a temple-like impression. Combined with rays of sunlight from the openings on the ceiling, this cave takes you to an inexplicably mysterious world. The best time of the day is said to be around 9:30 am. The stairs are steep, so I recommend going a little bit early when you are with kids.  

Sun-cooked Gai Yang (grilled chicken)

One day Mr. Sila Sutharat came up with the idea of cooking chickens by sunlight. With the combination of 800 panels of mirrors, the famous sun-cooked chicken (Gai Yang) was born. Grilled with the heat from the sun, with a zap in the microwave at the end (it’s part of the entertainment), the Gai Yang is finally ready! It has an extremely juicy texture that no other chickens can have. But remember, this Gai Yang can only be cooked under the bright sunlight…It’s a gamble because we cannot have one on a rainy or cloudy day.

*If conditions allow, you can make a reservation so that he can cook it in advance.

Phone: 032-428-250

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Ya94TRb9FSKNUZnZ9  


Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park

On the hills of Khao Wang, in Phetchaburi, we can find some beautiful buildings and pagodas. These European-mix style buildings were established in 1859 as the summer palace of King Rama IV. Though they are located on the hilltop, we can visit easily with kids using the cable car. The best of them is the museum which exhibits furniture and artworks related to the Royal family. Besides this, the landscape from the hilltop is a must-see!  

Boeklueng Hot Spring 

Yes, you can visit for a day trip—but why not enjoy the hot spring in the evening or early morning when it’s not so hot, and you can feel relaxed, and relieved from all the strains of everyday life? If you stay at the JW Boeklueng Hot Spring Resort, which is annexed to the hot spring, you can use the hot spring pool 24 hours a day.  

Suan Phueng

Suan Phueng District, located on the way from Bangkok to the Hot Spring, is called “Sheep Road” because of the number of sheep pastures along the way. We can feed the sheep or give milk to the lamb, take a ride on a pony, or enjoy sheep milk ice cream. Ideal for your little animal-lovers!

If you have time, take a further 30km trip from the Hot Spring and visit the Alpaca Hill. It’s also one of the destinations for animal lovers where we can spend time close to the charming animals including Alpacas.

My suggested itinerary is to visit the above places in order and to stay near the Hot Spring, but you can also narrow down the places to visit and spend a slow and peaceful time. Both ways are great!  



By 宮本茂樹  


バンコクから西へ約200㎞弱、ミャンマ-の国境に近い場所にあるボ-クルン温泉(Boeklueng Hot spring)。週末旅行のおススメプランは、併設の小綺麗なホテル(JW Boeklueng Hot Spring Resort)に一泊し、行き帰りにペッチャブリ-県とラ-チャブリ-県の観光を組み合わせること。以下、見どころをご紹介します。









Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/Ya94TRb9FSKNUZnZ9  











バンコクから遠ざかりますが、温泉からさらに30km奥に入ったところに「アルパカヒル(Alpaca Hill)」と呼ばれる施設があります。アルパカをはじめとした可愛い動物と身近に接することができますので、時間に余裕があればこちらもどうぞ。  




About the Author

Living in Thailand for 23 years, Shigeki plans and manages “Miyamoto Tour” where travel-lovers including their kids get together for group travel. He leads them to little-known but excellent sightseeing spots. He loves traveling, badminton and a glass of beer in the evening at an Isaan food stand. A member of Japan Thai Food Association.

タイ在住23年。お子様連れ含め旅行好きの有志が集まり和気あいあいと旅を楽しむ「宮本ツアー」を企画し、観光の穴場を紹介している。趣味は旅行、バドミントン。夕暮れにイサーン屋台で一杯、が至福の時。タイ料理普及協会員。 Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/ぬかるみタイクラブ-166349733450774/ Email: miyamoto_shigeki@yahoo.co.jp

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