Creative Kids: Cardboard Stick Horse

Published on: April 07, 2012

If you’re handy with crafting, you can make a good, old-fashioned stick horse for your child! Crafting whiz Donatella shows us how. By Donatella Lazzari   Little cowboys and cowgirls: get ready to gallop! Parents can make a stick horse at home. Click on the photo at the top of this article to see more details.


  • a piece of cardboard for the horse’s head (approx. 30x30cm)
  • a cardboard tube (like those from wrapping paper rolls)
  • 2 white labels (9x5cm) for the eyes
  • a small piece of brown parcel paper for the ears
  • a small piece of wrapping paper for the mane
  • red masking tape for the bridle
  • black felt tip pen, scissors, glue, adhesive tape, wide brown parcel tape


  1. Wrap the masking tape around the horse’s head for the bridle.
  2. Draw the eyes on the labels with the marker pen.
  3. Cut 2 ears out of the parcel paper.
  4. Cut 2 rectangles (approx. 15x30cm) out of the wrapping paper.
  5. Cut out the eyes and stick one on each side of the head.
  6. Cut out the ears and stick them in place with adhesive tape, one on each side.
  7. Cut strips as shown (1.5cm) in the wrapping paper rectangles for the mane.
  8. Fix the pieces of wrapping paper (as shown) on the head with adhesive tape, one on each side.
  9. Draw the nostrils with the black felt tip pen, one on each side.
  10. Curl the paper strips with the blade of the scissors or by rolling them on a pen.
  11. Fix the cardboard tube on the head as shown with the parcel tape.

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