Indoor Adventure Spaces for Kids

Published on: April 27, 2018

These adventure-packed fun zones will have your children excited, challenged and possibly exhausted — all in a day’s work!

Text and photos by Vanasobhin Kasemsri

These days bike riding or skating aren’t the trendiest children’s activities. The number of things for kids to do here in Bangkok now seems limitless, with rock climbing, rope balancing, obstacle courses, and ziplining being the latest trends in keeping kids fit and entertained.

Here are a few of the places around Bangkok where your kids (5 years and above) can experience some of the thrills and pump up some adrenalin.


Adventure Rope Climbing @ Funarium

This is the newest addition to Funarium, the first large indoor play space in Thailand. Housed inside a sprawling 2,000-square-meter warehouse-like building, this giant rope climbing structure covers one-third of the warehouse area.

The course, suited for kids 6 years up, consists of rope bridges connecting to individual wooden planks that are in turn connected to wooden walkways, all hung from the ceiling and combined with a couple of zip lines linking one side of the building to the other.

Kids are required to put on safety gear and helmets for protection before walking up to the start point that is approximately 15 feet above the ground.

By the end of their trail, my kids felt like little Indiana Joneses trying to pave their way through and reach the end of a challenging course.

The walk through the entire course takes around ten minutes and is under the watchful eye of the Funarium staff.

  • Address:  111/1 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 26 Klongtoey, Telephone No: 02-665-6555
  • Entrance Fees:  ฿110 – Adult, ฿200 – Child under 110cm, ฿320 – Child over 110 cm.  Additional Fees for Adventure Rope Climbing: ฿200 per round
  • Opening Hours: 9am–6pm


Vine Valley @ Totem Kingdom

Lower in height and without the zip lines, this mini obstacle course is more suited for the younger crowd (5 -8 years old).

Located in a new indoor play space called the Totem Kingdom, this thrilling play area occupies a fourth of the total area. The structure consists of wooden bridges, metal ropes, and plank walkways attached and lowered from the ceiling. The metal construction is strung together to create seven obstacle walkways.

Kids are required to put on safety belts and helmets before entering and the belt attachment is safely hooked on to the path’s ropes at all times.

The course is about four meters above ground level and you can join your kids inside the play area and watch them closely from the ground below. The whole path can be explored in about ten minutes.

Staff are available to help your kids learn how to use the belted safety gear, as they will need some maneuvring skills and strength to operate the belt. My 8-year-old son did master it in one go!

  • Address:  2nd Floor, Jas Urban Srinakarin, Sam Rong, Telephone No: 093-453-9888
  • Entrance Fees: (Weekday) ฿100 – Adult/2 hrs,  ฿200 – Child/2 hrs; (Weekend) ฿100 – Adult/2 hrs, ฿250 – Child/2 hrs.
    Vine Valley experience – free with entrance price
  • Opening Hours:  10am–8pm


Climbing Rope Tower @ FamPlayland

This state-of-the-art climbing structure was designed and built to look like a tall tower connected to a large netted walkway that is also connected to a large spiral slider. Kids ages 5–8 years will be in awe of the size of this structure, standing at approximately ten meters high.

My kids could not stop racing with one another. They climbed up to the top of the tower and slid down to the bottom again and again for over half an hour.

If your children decide not to slide down the spiral slider, they can also walk along the pathway to reach a stand and do a five meters free-fall into an inflatable airbag.

There are no safety belts required but kids do have to have a brave soul and be skillful climbers to enjoy this activity.

  • Address:  3rd Floor Central Festival Eastville, 69/2 Soi Pradit Manutham 15, Lad Prao, Telephone No:  02-102-5000
  • Entrance Fees (Weekday-Weekend): ฿80–120 Adult, ฿230–280 Child under 3,  ฿330–380 Child 3+
    Rope Tower – Inclusive in entrance fee
  • Opening hours: 11 am–8 pm


Clip N Climb @ Bounce

Franchised from New Zealand, this is a section inside the trampoline park’s massive 5,600-square-meter space.

Kids aged 6 and above will enjoy climbing 24 different brightly colored climbing structures, with some climbing walls more challenging than the others. Small kids can manage their way around 4-5 structures quite easily.

There are staff on duty at each station to help put the climbing belt on, which is a True-Blue automated belay device that will take hold of your kids while they climb and automatically lowers them safely to the ground as they descend.

Kids are required to wear proper gym shoes before they are allowed to participate.

This activity can be quite exhilarating and addictive as my 6-year-old daughter spent a whole hour in this area without running out of energy.

  • Address:  5th Floor The Street Ratchada, 139 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Din Daeng, Telephone No: 02-014-2446
  • Entrance Fees: ฿490/hr  Child 12+ and Adults, ฿390/hr Child under 12
  • Opening Hours: 10am–10 pm


Preparing for Spartan Race @ Movement Playground

At this new gymnasium, set up in a huge warehouse, your kids can climb, jump and crawl around a mini obstacle course built to strengthen skills and prepare your 6-year-olds (and above) for the upcoming Mini Spartan Race in May.

The weekend course is a one-hour series of sessions with trainers who will help your kids excel in their ability to climb walls, throw spears, run, and jump over railings.

There are also other fun activities that will just give your little Olympians a tough work out, such as the Ninja Warrior Mini-Course, which is a regular one-hour session that your kids can try out at any time. The course consists of lots of jumping over tires and other challenging objects, wall climbing, and hanging on monkey bars.

All kids are required to come in their gym clothes and shoes. My 8-year-old son had a try at the Ninja course and enjoyed the heart-pumping workout.

  • Address:  Bangna Trad Soi 29, Bangna, Telephone No: 087-080-1117
  • Price:  ฿600–800 per trial Child 6-8 years old
  • Opening Hours: 9am–9pm


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