New Beginnings: Life After Covid-19

Published on: January 15, 2022

As we begin the new year, Sadef reflects on some new perspectives we have gained from living through the pandemic.

By Sadef Chhotani

A long time ago, I read a saying by Oscar Wilde: “When it rains, look for the rainbow, and when it is dark, look for the stars.” It means to look for something good in every situation that has been bestowed upon us, and this message has always stuck with me.

When Covid hit the country in late 2019, many thought that it was a phase and things would settle down and get back to normal in three to six months…a year max, but with new variants appearing every few months, Covid created a wave of panic.

The world started to shut down as lockdowns and quarantine emerged. Staying at home and doing everything remotely via a screen became the norm.

By the end of 2021, countries focussed on vaccinations and the world started to reopen slowly. A wave of relief was felt and the rainbow I mentioned could be seen. Travel restrictions were eased and many countries lifted their quarantine requirements for international arrivals. Malls and restaurants reopened and welcomed people back in, and even schools and offices opened up—all with protocols and distancing rules in place.

The rain brought by the pandemic has also revealed another big, bright rainbow in many beautiful colors; a rainbow of new beginnings. 

Covid has taught us to focus on the things that matter.

Families have become closer as we have been reminded of life’s true value. We now spend more time doing activities and taking holidays together.

People take better care of their homes and personal hygiene, and health and fitness opportunities are booming. 

Many have turned to home cooked meals instead of takeout or street food and some are focussing on clean eating.

I have also noticed that people have become less materialistic regarding their needs. Basic commodities are given priority over luxury items. As a result of the pandemic, many have experienced a pay cut or lost jobs. This has helped us realize that all we need is good food, proper clothes, and a roof over our heads. 

People are now used to multitasking on a regular basis. Especially for working parents, life has consisted of zoom meetings, homeschooling, cooking, and cleaning all at the same time. This pandemic has even taught my husband how to multitask! Wow! Talk about a new beginning!

The pandemic has taught us to be prepared for any situation—to find substitutes, work with whatever is available, and to be grateful for what we have.

People have started to enjoy their own homes and their own company. The need to be present at every event or every party all the time has diminished. The fear of missing out has become a non-issue for many!

We have realized that there is so much we can do through a screen at home and that we don’t have to be physically present for everything as we did before. Work, meetings, and presentations can be held online. We can shop online, buy groceries online—the list goes on. The only thing I feel is a drawback is that screen time has increased massively.

Now people focus on saving, especially the younger generation. Everyone wants to save a few pennies for a rainy day since we have seen a major drop in the job market.

While it seems the masks might stay on our faces for some time yet, as will the excessive use of hand sanitizer, the pandemic lockdowns have hit the reset button for the world. 

Belief in humanity has been restored, and many have come out to help others beyond measure, be it physically, emotionally, or even financially. The focus on ‘me, myself, and I’ has shifted to ‘you, us, and we’, which for me is an absolutely wonderful new beginning.

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About the Author

Sadef is from Pakistan and is married to a Thai-Paki. She has been living in Bangkok for the past 10 years, along with their two daughters. She previously worked in the fashion industry as a women’s apparel designer and fashion merchandiser. Her passion for reading and writing since childhood has pulled her to the BAMBI magazine. An artist at heart, she loves to paint in her spare time. She enjoys traveling, weekly visits to Sephora, and is a big foodie.

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