Pan-seared Salmon with Vegetables and Beetroot Sauce

Published on: June 08, 2021

Our foodie, Vana, shares a healthy and nutritious recipe that will satisfy your tummy and heart.

By Vana Kasemsri

We often love to stop by the Bangkok Trading Post for our family meals. Located in a less busy corner of a popular expat residential community of Sukhumvit Soi 39, this all-day dining outlet is a cozy, modern and homey venue for your whole family. They even provide a round-trip shuttle service from the Emquartier Mall entrance.  

My children enjoy the breakfast menu such as French toast and pancakes with mixed berries and fresh cream. My husband loves the full English breakfast – “The Full Monty”– as he calls it!

Apart from on rainy days, we often like to sit outdoors to enjoy the lush garden.

Here’s a simple recipe for one of our favorite dishes courtesy of Bangkok Trading Post’s Executive Chef that you all can try to make at home.

Pan-seared salmon served with vegetables julienne and beetroot yogurt sauce   

This dish is healthy and colorful. Salmon provides amino acids and omega-3 and the mixed vegetables are rich in vitamins, magnesium, and minerals. We choose to pair it with a healthy low-fat sauce that is rich in antioxidants. I recommend selecting salmon that is free from antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs. The color of the salmon is not a criteria of quality and comes from the carotenoids in what they are fed.

Main ingredients 

150 grams salmon steak

Sea salt

Olive oil for cooking


100 grams beetroot

Small amount of bouillon or water

50 grams yogurt 

Lemon juice 


White pepper


For  garnishing

50 grams fennel

50 grams carrots

50 grams leek

Parsley or dill

Knob of butter

Salt and pepper

Step 1: Preparing the sauce 

Make the sauce by baking the cleaned beetroot or you can choose a faster option by buying cooked beetroot. To cook fresh beetroot, wrap it in aluminum foil. Put it in the oven at around 160-180°C for about 45 minutes or until it is soft.

Blend the cooked beetroot with a small amount of vegetable bouillon or water to make it the texture of a smoothie.

Season it with lemon juice, yogurt, salt, white pepper, and sugar.

Step 2: Preparing your garnish

Clean and peel the vegetables. Cut all of the vegetables into thin strips Julienne style.  

Put all the ingredients in a pan with 25ml of water.  Cook them until the liquid evaporates completely.

Step 3: Pan-searing the salmon

Start by seasoning the salmon with salt about 5 minutes before cooking it. This will give it a nice color and help the flesh to break less.

Warm the olive oil in your pan. Put the salmon in the pan with the skin side down.

Cover with a lid and cook for about  3-4 minutes. Cooking it at a low temperature will keep your salmon pink and visually attractive.

Salmon is great when it is not overcooked. I recommend a core temperature of 42°C for crispy skin.

Step 4: Plating 

Choose a curved plate if you have one. Put the sauce at the bottom, add vegetables in the middle and top them with the salmon.

As an optional decoration, you can add chopped aromatic herbs, microgreens, or flowers.

Bon Appetit!

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