Pets: A Love Like No Other

Published on: February 11, 2022

Sadef tells us about the many benefits of keeping a pet and one of those is the unconditional love they give.  

By Sadef Chhotani

Through the ages, humans have been known to adopt animals as pets for their basic needs as well as companionship. In ancient times, people kept and trained wolves for hunting and shepherds kept dogs to guard and guide their herds. The reason for adopting pets may have changed today. But the bottom line remains the same — that we, humans, need companionship and someone who we can trust and pets provide both, along with unconditional love. Aside from this, here are some of the many ways pets affect our lives:

Bring benefits to our mental health

Many studies have shown that keeping pets is beneficial to our psychological health and in many cases, has increased the quality of people’s lives. Also, we cannot expect worldly, materialistic things from our cat, dog or bird, but the love they show towards us does soothe our mind and emotions in many ways.

Teach responsibility

Having a pet is a big responsibility, a decision we should make with their future in mind and to give them a forever home. They also teach us how to be responsible for someone else. They open the nurturing and caring instincts in us, which makes us a selfless person, as we begin to care for their food, health, and safety. This makes our heart softer and we learn to show concern towards the wellbeing of others.

Train us for parenting

Caring for a pet brings us the joy of parenthood before we have our own baby, as they do become our first babies. Many families with pets now introduce their pets as siblings to their kids and the bond which the kids and the pets have from beginning is absolutely strong. Many pets guard and protect their owners’ kids as their own and it’s quite amazing to see the pure love they have for each other. Pets have now become integral parts of many families and are quite important to them. Some are loved more than the actual relatives!

Speak the language of love

A pet can understand our language as well, which in most cases is the language which only we and our pets speak — a kind of secret language — a language of love. Not only that, but it’s amazing how our pets can understand our moods as well. They know when we are upset or happy about something and even get adjusted to that. But a nice warm hug or cuddle with our beloved furball after a bad day at work can completely lift our spirits.

Provide friendship

They are the friends who will not judge us for who we are or what we do, eat, or wear. They will wiggle and purr at us with their doe eyes when we call out their names with love. Pets can adapt to our lifestyle very quickly, while they can get up to mischief as well. Our pets show their love in many ways and they can protect us from risky situations too.

Give us purpose

Pet keeping may now have become a trend but in reality, we all need a best friend who is anxiously waiting for us to return home. It is priceless to see our pet run in our direction or sing in high pitch whine once we open the door.

Bring us joy

We can also train them to do funny tricks. Many have trained their pets to sing and dance along with them and it is the cutest thing to see. Having a little furball around the house uplifts everybody’s moods and they bring happiness to our hearts, especially when we see them grow cuter by the day!!

Photo from Canva.

This article was first published in BAMBI magazine in February 2020.

About the Author

Sadef is from Pakistan and is married to a Thai-Paki. She has been living in Bangkok for the past 10 years, along with their two daughters. She previously worked in the fashion industry as a women’s apparel designer and fashion merchandiser. Her passion for reading and writing since childhood has pulled her to the BAMBI magazine. An artist at heart, she loves to paint in her spare time. She enjoys traveling, weekly visits to Sephora, and is a big foodie.

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