Raising Eco-Conscious Kids

Published on: April 11, 2020

The idea of raising children while being eco-friendly seems like an oxymoron. But as one mom shares, you don’t have to know all the answers to teach your kids to be more aware of the environment. Talking about it and working together to make small changes are a great start towards making an impact on the planet.  

By Maureen Codispodi  

My eldest daughter just turned six and for her birthday she decided that she would like to plant trees in lieu of presents. So we researched and found an organization that would accept donations; https://onetreeplanted.org. She also decided that she would give her friends plants for party favors.

I was sure that at her party she would realize that her friends had not come with gifts in hand and that she would be upset, but that is not what occurred at all. She enjoyed her gift-free party with her friends and when it was over, stated that she did not need any gifts for Christmas either. She seemed proud and happy with herself.  

One parent friend who came to our place asked, “How did you get her to do that?”, I jokingly responded, “Brainwashing since birth.”

All jokes aside, I realize that I have helped to shape a person who truly cares for the people and world around her. Truth be told, our household is currently the least ‘green’ household I have had in all my adult years, but yet, my children still know that we need to be kind to the planet and the people on it.  

Do you want to raise children who care about planet earth? Me too!  

You don’t have to be the perfect eco-warrior to raise a child who can go beyond and exceed your efforts. It’s all about planting the seed.  

Lead by example. Don’t they say that children do what you do, not what you say? Share your eco-journey thoughts, decisions and actions with your children so they can join your journey and learn alongside you. 

Tips to raising eco-conscious children

  1. Make small changes and do what you can when you can and start where you are
  2. Share the belief that small changes/choices matter
  3. Discuss your reasons for making certain choices with your children
  4. Share what you see happening in your home and community
  5. Ask your children what they know, what they think and what they can do about the environment and environmental issues

Small ideas for a bigger impact

  1. Buy less
  2. Eat less meat and animal products
  3. Choose waste-free options and carry reusable straws, water bottles, bags and utensils.
  4. Use public transport, walk or cycle
  5. Chose local over imported
  6. Choose outdoor holidays and weekend activities which provide opportunities to be outside and in nature
  7. Use less electricity
  8. Grow plants or a garden
  9. Use chemical-free and simply made products
  10. Compost your food scraps

My daughters believe they can have a positive impact and I try to lead by example and share with them that, the idea is not to be perfect but to make the best choices that we can.  

I will leave you with the words of Greta Thunberg,  “no one is too small to make a difference”.  

Photos by Elodie Valmary

About the Author

Maureen Codispodi is an impassioned mom, entrepreneur, personal and professional coach, teacher and champion for the environment. She is a Canadian who has lived and worked around the globe as an international teacher and coach. She runs a local Facebook group, Rethink Life Bangkok.

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