Published on: January 13, 2020

Need some book recommendations for your child and for parents? Here are some titles picked by Kinokuniya for BAMBI families. (Japanese books follow the English titles. 日本語の本もお見逃しなく☆)

For Kids

Karen’s Witch (Baby-Sitters Little Sister Graphix)
Author: Ann M. Martin and Katy Farina   
ISBN: 9781338315196 A fresh and fun graphic novel series spin-off of The Baby-sitters Club, featuring Kristy’s little stepsister!Karen Brewer lives next door to Mrs. Porter, who wears long robes and has wild gray hair. Mrs. Porter has a black cat named Midnight and always seems to be working in her garden. Karen isn’t supposed to spy on her neighbor, but she’s determined to prove that Mrs. Porter is a witch named Morbidda Destiny!

Mrs. Porter is getting ready to have a special meeting at her house, and Karen is sure the meeting is for witches. Are they going to cast a spell on Karen? Or will she be brave enough to send them away — once and for all?

For Parents

The Kids Are in Bed: Finding Time for Yourself in the Chaos of Parenting
Author:  Rachel Bertsche  
ISBN: 9781524744014 Recent time-use studies show that even working parents have as many as 30 hours of leisure time a week, yet very few people know how to actually use that time to do something–anything! — because they were still thinking about all the things they should be doing for their kids, their jobs, and their households.Rachel Bertsche constantly found herself in exactly that bind. Using a combination of memoir, interviews with scientists and parenting experts, and input from moms and dads all over the country, Rachel figured out how to transform her own patterns and reconnect to her pre-kids life. In The Kids Are in Bed, other parents can learn how to do the same, and truly enjoy the time after lights out.



著者:いもとようこ    出版社: 金の星社                                                             販売価格 560バーツ   出版年月 2015年12月







著者: 山崎聡一郎    出版社: 弘文堂                                                                    販売価格: 480バーツ 出版年月: 2019年8月



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