Published on: September 10, 2020

Need some book recommendations for your child and for parents? Here are some titles picked by Kinokuniya for BAMBI families. (Japanese books follow the English titles. 日本語の本もお見逃しなく☆)

For Kids

Share Your Rainbow: 18 Artists Draw Their Hope for the Future Author: Various Inspired by kids across the country displaying rainbows in their windows, acclaimed illustrators come together to imagine everything these rainbows represent: caring for one another, and our hopes for the future. In this collection of eighteen scenes, readers will lick an ice cream cone, swim in the ocean, cuddle close with cousins, and celebrate a birthday with a party full of friends and family. Each spread has a hidden rainbow for kids to find!An introduction by R. J. Palacio, New York Times bestselling author of Wonder, reminds us that rainbows have always been symbols of hope, and that as fleeting as a rainbow may seem, we can always look for the next one–in the sky, on the sidewalk, and in a window.

For Parents

The Laughing Baby Author: Caspar Addyma Dr Caspar Addyman is a developmental psychologist who decided to change that. For six years Caspar has run the Baby Laughter project, collecting data, videos and stories from parents all over the world. He learned that laughter and smiles are of central importance at the start of life, defining our cognitive and emotional development. Squeals of joy accompany all of a baby’s little breakthroughs, connecting them to their nearest and dearest.The Laughing Baby is the culmination of Caspar’s research. Moving chronologically through the first two years of infancy, it shows how babies provide the origin story for our incredible abilities, and how understanding them is key to understanding ourselves.


ねぐせのしくみ  著者ヨシタケシンスケ ヨシタケシンスケ最新刊! ねているあいだに、なにがおきてる!? もしかして「あのひとたち」におなかをまるだしにされたり、いろんなねぐせをためされたりしているのかも…。 「あのひとたち」のしわざを想像してみると、世界が愉快にみえてくる! 日常の1コマから想像力を働かせ、独特の世界観を展開する大人気絵本作家の最新刊です。今回の着眼点は、なんと寝癖!「あのひとたち」のイラストもかわいく、癖になりそうな本。


子育てベスト100「最先端の新常識×子どもに一番大事なこと」が1冊で全部丸わかり 著者:加藤紀子 今、子どもにとって「これは本当にためになる!」こととは? 「コミュニケーションの取り方」、「遊び」「習い事」「読書」「スマホ対策」「ゲーム対策」「食事」「睡眠」「運動」等々、子育てのあらゆる側面をカバーし、簡潔にまとめました。ページの構成もとてもわかりやすく、気になった項目をさっと読むことができます。 教育学、生理学、心理学、脳科学等、さまざまな切り口からの資料や取材に基づいた、新時代の「子育ての教科書」です。

About the Author

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