TikTok: Ideas for Feeding Your Family

Published on: October 10, 2021

Eunice tells us how TikTok videos can be a useful source of tips and hacks for busy parents.

By Eunice Enriquez

As a mom and social media lover, I turned to TikTok to find some recipes and tricks for feeding my toddler. I started looking for experts, but I realized that the best tips were from regular parents like me. The life hacks I’ve learned in the space of just one minute are amazing, especially when it comes to nourishing my family. It has inspired me to start cooking, and I now enjoy having fun in the kitchen with my daughter every day.

How does it work?

After I started liking and following several parents’ accounts, TikTok knew what my interests were, and my feed got even better. Don’t be anxious if at first you see dancing or funny things in your feed because the algorithm will learn your preferences fast.

Who should you follow? 

To help you get your account started or improve your feed, I’ve rounded up some of the most practical and useful TikTok accounts made by parents and experts, for parents.

Tips & Tricks for Tots

@tipsandtricksfortots is a mom of 2-year-old twins and a newborn.

Must try videos: 3 Ingredient Egg Bites; Froyo Popsicles

Mom Hacks

@Momlikeaboss supports moms with the best mom-hacks, activities, and easy recipes.

Must try videos: Breakfast hacks; Lunch hacks

Jennifer Anderson, MSPH RD

@kids.eat.in.color shares a free picky eater guide and encourages toddlers to eat veggies.

Must try videos: Five step trick to introduce new foods; Safe foods are okay!

Mia & Ben

@miabenfresh prepares fresh superfoods for kids, dairy-free, and plant-based.

Must try videos: Recipe: quick fruit roll-ups; Easy cheesy veggie muffins for toddlers

Texas girl

@babychrismom is a mom of a toddler who talks about pregnancy.

Must try playlists: Toddler Snacks; Toddler Lunch


@kaelahe has recipes for all the family and resources for starting solids.

Must try video: How to make breakfast for a toddler

Do you know of any amazing TikTok, Instagram or Facebook accounts full of hacks to help us make our lives as parents easier and more fun? We’d love for you to share them with us via editor@bambiweb.com.

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