Tips and Tricks to Make Halloween a Special Day

Published on: October 12, 2015

Halloween costumes don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some fabulous ideas and tips to inspire you for a spooktacular day!

By Jacqueline Kyle


One of the biggest joys of Halloween for parents is the opportunity to spend quality time with their children working on Halloween crafts and costumes. The scary and ghostly themes of Halloween give a wide scope for your children to show off their innovation and handy work. Here are a few tips and tricks to make Halloween a more enjoyable experience for all!

…it’s possible to create unique and imaginative Halloween costumes without going to the expense of buying or hiring professionally made costumes.

Easy Halloween costumes no longer need to follow the traditional ideas of witches, zombies, and Dracula. These days, children are less worried about following the traditions and more focused on dressing up to have fun.

Many bought or hired costumes head down the superhero or famous film character path. Instead, it’s possible to create unique and imaginative Halloween costumes without going to the expense of buying or hiring professionally made costumes.

A few old clothes, a creative choice of accessories, some makeup, a touch of originality and exaggeration, and you are all set to go.

Mad scientist or geeky nerd

Turning your child into a mad scientist or a geeky nerd to resemble Einstein is a simple and tangible task to do at home.

You could start with an old white coat and by adding relevant accessories like a stack of pens in the pocket and some makeup you may end up with a very convincing character.

Using a few washable hair dyes and hair gel to spike up the hair could create the ultimate scientist hairdo.

Let your imagination run riot and don’t be afraid to give it a shot!

Hippie or Austin Powers

Without a doubt, creating a look from earlier decades could be just as easy as mad scientists. With a few colorful accessories, tie-dyed clothes and vibrant make up your child could resemble a Hippie from the ’70s. Who doesn’t want to look like Austin Powers for a day!

Queen and princess

Queen and princess outfits can also be low-cost items.

Finding a simple elegant dress not necessarily full length and dressy looking shoes is right up your daughter’s alley.

By focusing on adding sparkling “jewels” on a self-made crown, necklace, brooch, rings, wand, and giving close attention to makeup, you will soon have a beautiful looking princess.

Silver foil and stick-on shiny artificial gemstones and beads are low-cost ways of creating exaggerated jewelry.


To create a hobo costume, all you need is old and worn dark clothes, such as an old suit combined with face paint.

Stick on some patches, create a few rips and fraying edges, and add an old felt hat — possibly even a Charley Chaplin cane.

Face paint to reflect this tired, dirty and weather-beaten character similar to Oliver Twist would round out the effect.

Old man or old lady

Clothes from an earlier generation found in a family wardrobe or thrift shop can be used to create an old man or old lady characters.

Most of the effort would go into making up the faces and hair to create the aged look. Talcum powder always works best for whitening the hair and skin.

A walking stick for the old man and an old-style handbag for the lady add appropriate accessories.


After all, Halloween is a time for fun, games, and trick or treating, so go out, get haunted and make the most of it!

Photos by Amanda Tipton and via Flickr


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