To Pattaya and Lan Island: A Day-trip by Bus パタヤ・ラン島へ バスで日帰り旅行

Published on: May 07, 2017

Before the hot season ends, how about an adventure to the nearest beach from Bangkok, where the blue sea sparkles?

Nobuko Katsura [日本語記事へ]

About 150km southeast from Bangkok lies Pattaya Beach, on the west coast of Chonburi. Known as one of Thailand’s leading tourist destinations, Pattaya’s 20-km beachfront is lined with shopping arcades as well as innumerable restaurants serving fresh Thai seafood.

Pattaya is an easy one-day trip destination: you can reach the seawind-kissed beach in about two hours from downtown Sukhumvit on a highway bus. Add on a quick ferry ride and you can find yourself on Lan Island’s sparkling beautiful sea.

Eastern Bus Terminal to Pattaya

Early on a weekend morning, I headed with my 3-year-old son to the Eastern Bus Terminal in Ekamai. You can purchase your tickets at the nearest booth on the right-hand side of the terminal. Watch out, as tickets sold at the other windows are for the smaller buses that have more stops along the way.

My son loves vehicles of all kinds, so he happily watched the passing scenery from the bus window…and gradually slipped into dreamland. He’s usually not one to sit still and has a hard time falling asleep, so perhaps this is a perk of going on a bus journey?!

To Lan Island, offshore of Pattaya

As the bus got off the highway and and our view became dotted with palm trees, we arrived at Pattaya Northern Bus Terminal. There were several shared ‘songthaew’ pick-up trucks parked there, so we took one and were dropped off at the Pattaya Walking Street. We paid the driver and headed for Bali Hai Pier at the southern tip of the beach, where there are boats to Lan Island.

Though plenty of speedboats to Lan Island were on offer, they typically don’t depart until enough passengers have boarded. Hence, we opted to take the ferry. The ferry pier is 800m straight down the Walking Street, and then turn right. We ended up taking a taxi to the end, for ฿100.

There are two ferries to Lan Island: one to Tawaen Pier that takes you directly to the most popular beach, and another to Na Baan Pier. One way costs ฿30. As the Tawaen Pier ferry had just left, we bought a ticket to Na Baan and boarded. After being gently rocked for 40 minutes, we arrived on Lan Island.

When travelling with kids, though, I recommend you take the ferry that goes directly to Tawaen beach. If you are planning to stay overnight in Pattaya or Lan Island, you might want to visit Samae beach instead, as it is frequented by fewer tourists and has a calmer atmosphere.

Sparkling sea and white sandy beach

As soon as my son saw the clear emerald green seas and white sand of the beach, he started running. Tawaen beach is said to have beautiful coral reef, and one can enjoy various watersports such as diving, banana boating, and waterskiing. Rental for a beach parasol and bench was ฿100.

After enjoying a swim in the sea and playing in the sand, we headed for Na Baan Pier to catch the return ferry. We were a bit late, but, cheered on by bystanders, we ran down the pier and made it on board just in time! Since the ferries depart as soon as they are filled, I recommended getting to the pier early!

Return to Bangkok

Being on my own and having to carry my now-fast-asleep son, I decided to take Grab Taxi back to Bangkok, which cost ฿1,880. If you negotiate with a taxi directly, you could probably do it for ฿1,500. Traffic was a bit heavy but we eventually made it home in 2.5 hours.

If you’re taking the highway bus back to Bangkok, take a songthaew or taxi back to Pattaya Northern Bus Terminal. Another option is to take a minivan to BTS Mo Chit: from Bali Hai Pier, go through the Walking Street and turn right at the end to find the minivans.


Sample Itinerary 

7:40  Highway bus from the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai)

9:40   Bus arrives at Pattaya Northern Bus Terminal

11:00  Ferry to Tawaen Pier departs from Bali Hai Pier

11:40  Ferry arrives at Tawaen Pier, Lan Island

12:00  Lunch on Lan Island

14:00  Ferry from Tawaen Pier departs

14:40  Ferry arrives at Bali Hai Pier

15:40  Bus departs from Pattaya Northern Bus Terminal

18:00  Bus arrives at the Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai)

Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) bus service departs every 40 minutes, from 5am.

Info on minivans Pattaya-BTS Mo Chit:

チョンブリー県の西海岸にあるパタヤ。バンコクから高速バスに乗って約2時間で、潮風吹くビーチへたどり着くことができます。足をのばしてフェリーに乗れば、美しい海が煌めくラン島もすぐ!気軽にOne day tripしてみませんか?

By 桂信子






バスが高速を降りて、窓からヤシの木が連なる景色が見えるようになってきた頃、パタヤ北バスターミナルに到着。乗り合いバス「ソンテウ」が数台控えているので、運転手にラン島行きのボートが出る「バリハイ埠頭(Bali Hai Pier)」と行き先を告げて乗り込みます(料金は後払い)。

ビーチの最南端にあるバリハイ埠頭を目指しますが、その手前「Walking Street」でソンテウを降ります。ここでラン島まで速く行けるスピードボートの勧誘がありますが、乗客が集まってからでないと出発せず、待ち時間が長くなりそうだったので、そこからタクシーでフェリー乗り場へ(฿100)。徒歩で行く場合は、Walking Streetをまっすぐ800m。その後右に曲がるとフェリー乗り場に着きます。

フェリーは、最も栄えているというビーチへ直接行くタウウェン埠頭(Tawaen Pier)行きとナーバン埠頭(Na Baan Pier)行きの二つ。片道฿30です。ビーチへ直接行くフェリーがすでに出発していたので、ナーバン埠頭行きの切符を買い、乗船。フェリーに揺られて40分ほど行くと、どんどん海の色が変わり、紺碧の海を眺めていると、ラン島に着きます。







バリハイ埠頭到着後、母一人で寝てしまった子どもを担いで移動するのが難しかったので、高速バスは断念。Grab Taxiでタクシーを呼び、バンコクへ。฿1,880でしたが、直接交渉すれば฿1,500でバンコクまで行ってくれるようです。パタヤで週末を過ごしてバンコクへ戻る人が多いそうで、道路は混んでいましたが、2時間半ほどで到着しました。

バスでバンコクへ戻る場合は、ソンテウかタクシーでパタヤ北バスターミナルへ行き(帰りは乗り合いソンテウがないので、ソンテウをチャーター)、再び高速バスで東バスターミナル(エカマイ)へ。このほか、バリハイ埠頭からWalking Streetを抜けて右折した辺りに、BTSモーチット駅行きのミニバン(฿92)もでています。



7:40 東バスターミナル(エカマイ)よりバス出発

9:40 パタヤ北バスターミナルに到着

11:00 バリハイ埠頭からTawaen Pier行きフェリー出発

11:40 ラン島Tawaen Pier到着

12:00 ラン島でランチ

14:00  Tawaen Pierからフェリー

14:40 バリハイ埠頭到着

15:40 パタヤ北バスターミナルからバス出発

18:00 東バスターミナル(エカマイ)に到着

・東バスターミナル(エカマイ)バス運行時間: 朝5時から40分おき。


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