BAMBI Magazine December 2021

Published on: December 10, 2021

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Dear BAMBI members, 

Where has this year gone? I can’t believe it’s December already. Bangkok reopened just in time for the best part of the year—when the world is ready to celebrate some of the most memorable festivals: Halloween, Día de los Muertos, Diwali, Loy Krathong, Hanukkah, and Christmas, to mention just a few. 

I was raised in a Catholic country where every weekend we would have a wedding, quinceañera, baptism, or first communion. Every single sacrament was celebrated, and it was extremely fun! The whole family would attend these events, from newborn babies to very senior grandparents. We are talking between 100 to 300 people in attendance—less than that was not really considered a party! 

Celebrations have always been part of my culture, and I have to admit this is one of the things I miss the most about home. In addition to the sacraments, we also had festivals to honor many of the thousands of saints recognized by the Catholic Church. I believe that the most interesting thing about those festivals was that they were often the result of the fascinating blend of indigenous culture and those imposed by colonialism. I personally prefer to focus on the positive outcome of two different cultures blending together because this created richer and more interesting traditions. 

What’s your favorite festival? I don’t have a particular favorite, but I usually enjoy any celebration that involves dancing and great food! 

As travel restrictions are starting to be lifted around the world, I hope you might have the opportunity to go home to visit your family and friends soon, and celebrate one of the many holidays that happen around this time of year together. If you are staying in Thailand, there are still many festivities to enjoy. 

BAMBI is preparing for our full comeback next year with more playgroups, activities for older kids, and a big event to celebrate our 40th birthday! Get ready! 

Gloria Pino


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