BAMBI News December 2019

Published on: December 04, 2019

View PDF     Dear BAMBI members, Welcome to December, the festive month of the year! It is the busiest month of the year with eating, drinking, and shopping for holidays and celebrations. In addition, in Thailand people celebrate Father’s Day. I actually prefer having “Father’s Day” on 5 December now that I live here. My first son’s due date was 5 December though he arrived a bit earlier. When my father saw my son for the first time, he had a big smile and said, “This boy looks just like me!” No one in the room agreed, we thought that my son was much better looking than my father, especially my mother who was rather upset at hearing my father’s comment! Sadly, my father passed away seven months later, but I know he is always with me as my son has turned out to look JUST LIKE HIM. Now everyone agrees that my son looks just like my father except my mother who is still in denial! Whenever my son leans on me, it reminds me of me doing the same with my father. Every time I look at my son, it reminds me of the happy conversations that I had with him. When my son says “bye-bye,” my eyes fill with tears as it is the first and last word my son said to my father right before he passed away.  This month reminds me so much of my father and makes me realize how lucky I am to be me. Miss you, Daddy. Now, let’s celebrate the holidays, and being ourselves too! 2019 has been another successful year for BAMBI and before I close I wish to thank all BAMBI volunteers for all your help this year! Playgroup team led by Bao Minh and Azusa: Thank you for your commitment and SUPER hard work. Without you, none of our playgroups can exist.  Bumps and Babies team led by Yaz: Thank you for your expertise and contribution. You are true heroes helping out new moms and babies. Events team led by Emi: Thank you for SUPREME dedication. You deserve huge credit for all the successful BAMBI events. Activities Team led by Ruby: Thank you for being creative and passionate about bringing more activities for kids. Congratulations on the successful year and we look forward to an exciting line-up! New Members and Pop-up Team led by Uta: Thank you for your ideas and a great effort. You keep showing us new and exciting venues and events. We look forward to what is planned for next year. Charities Team led by Yoshiko: Thank you for your help in identifying the right charities. I hope we can continue to help out as many charitable organizations as possible. Website Team led by Gloria: HUGE applause to the team for launching our new website. Thank you for your EXTREMELY hard work.  Media by Bao Minh: Thank you for streamlining our media communications. Simple and clear…way to go! Database team lead by Liz: Thank you, Liz and Hetal for your big contribution to our new website launch and for doing a fantastic job for the ongoing day-to-day support on memberships. Editorial team led by Rina: Thank you for the great teamwork and for producing high-quality magazines. Very admirable. Treasurer team by Mari and Katharina: Thank you for all the efforts you make to keep BAMBI running, and in good shape financially. Well done. Secretaries, Azusa and Natalia: Thank you for supporting volunteers and members behind the scenes. Great job. Photo Team led by Mao and Design Team led by Lily: Thank you for your very hard work. We all appreciate it and are looking forward to seeing more beautiful flyers and photos!  WOMBLES by Ness: Thank you for planning fun evenings for parents. We all need those drinks and nights out! And last but not least, our dear members – thank you for supporting us in 2019. I hope we are doing a good job to support you and your families. We are holding our CHRISTMAS CARNIVAL on 13 December. Please make sure to join us because we have so much to CELEBRATE! Akiko Cayne Acting Chairwoman, BAMBI   View PDF