BAMBI News February 2020

Published on: February 10, 2020

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Dear BAMBI members,

Welcome to February, the month of LOVE!

Recently we arranged a baby massage instructor to give members a short but very informative workshop on baby/kid massage. As I watched the room full of BAMBI members with young children enjoying giving gentle massages to their children I was taken back to the bonding times that I had with my two boys a few years back.

My youngest often suffered from colds, allergic reactions, and stomach discomfort when he was around. In his case, the cure for these symptoms wasn’t medicine but the massage I tried every night for a few years.

I used to massaged both of them from head to toe every night after bathtime while asking what kind of day they had. There wasn’t a night without them asking me to give them massage before bedtime back then. Time passed, they both started school followed by after school activities and we forgot about massage … till TODAY. 

 The massage instructor said that every mommy has magic hand power that can make her babies feel happy.

I had forgotten about this superpower I have! That night I asked the boys, “Would you like me to give you a massage,?”, they smiled and yelled “YES.” 

Obviously, 7 and 10-year-old boys are longer and bigger than before now but how I can refuse if they are smiling and saying they feel super good!  

At the end of the massage, I asked them how they felt. My youngest said “When you were massaging me, I felt almost like you were hugging me. Warm and protected. LOVE YOU MOMMY”. Then my eldest said, “My legs were tired from football training today but your hands made my legs so light and I think I can run faster, stronger and can be a better soccer player now. MAGIC, THANK YOU MOM.”

I am very impressed by my magic hands! While I was giving the massages, I totally felt that I was connecting and bonding with them and that feeling made me super happy and makes me feel loved.

You receive love by giving love, it’s an explosion of oxytocin! I highly recommend bonding massage, try it.

Love you all.



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