BAMBI News January 2017

Published on: January 11, 2017

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Dear Members,

Happy 2017!!!

The beginning of the new year is the time to make resolutions and take on new projects. So this time I wanted to write to you about the new projects in BAMBI in 2017. In the last months we have been cooking up some nice new ideas for you and we will be very excited to see them come through this year.

In random order:

  • Pop-up playgroups – This is a new Saturday family playgroup that pops up in a different school/kindergarten every month. It’s a good way to spend a fun Saturday morning with your little ones and at the same time get to know the different schools in Bangkok.
  • Second monthly New Members Coffee Morning – Now we are ready to welcome and meet with new BAMBI members twice a month. The New Members Coffee Morning in IPC Kindergarten will continue on the last Monday of every month, but we’ll add to it a second Coffee Morning in a cafe around the second week of every month. More chances for newcomers to join and to get to know about BAMBI 🙂
  • Volunteering Coffee Morning – A new event for everyone who is interested in volunteering for BAMBI or wants to just know what our volunteers do and what they look like. The first one will take place on the second week of February at Antique Cafe.
  • Playgroups entrance donation change – From January 2017, the suggested donation for playgroups and Bumps sessions for BAMBI members will be ฿100, and non-members ฿300. So our members can join playgroups at an even better rate and non-members will be more motivated to become members 🙂
  • New concept for WOMBLES dinners – WOMBLES used to be a dinner for working mums. This year it will go through a total makeover and will be now for all mums who want to go out and enjoy a fun night with other mums, working or non-working doesn’t matter. And as a cherry on the top, the dinners will from now on have a surprise element to them, you can call it a dinner with a twist. What’s the twist? It can be a speaker, a small activity, an interesting venue…you will see 🙂 The first “new WOMBLES” dinner will be on Tuesday 31st of January at Paintbar!
  • New website with improved membership process – The biggest project for us this year will be changing our website. We are going to make it a lot more user-friendly, so you can access all the info and news about BAMBI easily. In addition to that, we are going to simplify the membership process (joining BAMBI and renewing memberships), hopefully with an online payment system.
  • Committee workshops – we are now trying in a more structured way to think about the future of BAMBI. We started with the “Let’s dream about BAMBI” Workshop in December, where we got together to see what and how could be improved in BAMBI during 2017. This is the type of event that you as members may not see, but you will enjoy the fruits of it later when new events or improvements come your way. In order to keep BAMBI running, a lot of work is done behind the scenes and we are blessed to have such a great team of volunteers who are willing to put their time and minds into it!

Besides these new ideas, we will of course continue bringing to you the playgroups, Bumps sessions, events, and magazine as usual. And we are also happy to continue with two great new ideas we came up with last year – the Small World Playgroup for crawlers in Antique Cafe and Activities for older kids aged 3-6. If you wish to get involved, then don’t hesitate to contact me anytime (!

And the new year brought to our committee also some changes. We would like to say thank you to Alessandra and Bovy (WOMBLES Coordinators) for taking great care of our mummies dinners. On the other hand, we are happy to welcome to our team Hina as assistant editor for the BAMBI News magazine.

Once again, happy New Year and see you around!


Triin Kassis

BAMBI Chairwoman


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