BAMBI News May 2016

Published on: May 02, 2016

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Dear Members,

A new year for BAMBI has begun and this one with a new Chairwoman. A big thank you to Ravit who chaired BAMBI so well for the past three years! She has left big shoes to fill.

This is my first letter to you as Chairwoman and it will be exciting to bring to you my thoughts every month. But I must warn you, in my heart, I am more of a mathematician than a writer, so my letters will not be very long and my way of writing not very poetic, but I hope you will enjoy them 🙂

Who am I? My name is Triin Kassis, but you can call me Tini. I come from a very small, cold country in Northern Europe called Estonia. At home, I have a Lebanese husband and a wonderful 1-year-old baby girl. For the last 2.5 years, we have called Bangkok our home, and at the moment we don’t know any other place where we could be happier than here.

I joined the BAMBI committee at first to help out with the events and soon after started coordinating the Yard Sales. It’s wonderful to work together with other moms – we all want to be active, to learn and to achieve something more than being a stay-at-home mom, but at the same time, we understand that family comes first. I could’ve stayed even longer organising the Yard Sales, I really enjoy it, but when the call came out that BAMBI is looking for a new chairwoman, I saw an opportunity I couldn’t miss – to be even more involved in BAMBI and to also grow more personally. This will be a very interesting ride.

Where do I see BAMBI heading the next year? Since joining BAMBI I have been amazed by the wide variety of support that BAMBI can offer to expat families. Our different departments (Playgroups, Bumps & Babies, Events, etc.) are all working well and our volunteers are doing an amazing job.

However, there is always room for improvements. I personally would like this year to focus on firstly improving our visibility and information sharing – the big task for this year will be creating the new BAMBI website. And together with this, we can hopefully have an easier online membership registration/renewal process.

Secondly, spoiling our members more – to see how all of you can get even more in return for your membership. And last, but not least – keeping committee members happy and working more closely together. BAMBI wouldn’t exist if there wouldn’t be these brave moms and dads who sacrifice part of their time and energy to bring to you all that BAMBI offers.

Now, what’s up with BAMBI these days? I hope you all enjoyed our Splash Party in April. A round of applause to Akiko T. and Chiharu for putting this wonderful event together. And before we all go to summer holidays, there is still one more event to come – the BAMBI Yard Sale on May 28th at St. Andrews International School on Sukhumvit 71. You are all very welcome to come and shop till you drop!

Thank you for your trust and support! I promise to take good care of you and BAMBI.

See you around at one of our many events!

Triin Kassis


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