BAMBI News October 2015

Published on: October 03, 2015

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Dear Members,

The rainy season sometimes brings us more than rain. In the last two weeks, we were unlucky to have non-stop visits of viruses at our home. Everyone in the family had their turn to catch some bug and spend a few days in bed.

I believe it started with a guest who slept-over and had a fever, as three days later my son started showing the same symptoms – fever, running nose, lack of energy. My daughter followed a few days later with another type of virus including nausea and fever. At the same time, my husband returned from a trip with nasty food poisoning (beware of raw oysters!) and joined the sick kids.

So for several days we had 3 people in the family sick at the same time and mum, of course, needed to take care of all these miserable creatures.

After they were all recovered – it was my turn to spend a few days in bed with the flu, and when I thought I’m finally fine and this round is over, the virus followed me again for the second time in two weeks. My daughter, poor her! My daughter, who is quite healthy and hardly gets sick (she didn’t miss a single day of school the last academic year!) caught two different viruses in two weeks. It took her a few long days for her full recovery. In-between she managed to miss part of her school trip due to her sickness.

Now, knock on wood, no one will be sick any longer and everyone will be absolutely fine and shine! I really hated the virus visits…..not to mention the sleepless nights caused by them. I hope you have had better days lately.

Changing a mood to something more cheerful: at the end of this month we will enjoy Halloween, how exciting! My kids haven’t decided yet what would they like to be; how they would like to dress up. My son has shown some interest lately in being a Spy/Secret Agent (inspired by some TV shows, I guess). I wonder if this can be an idea for a costume. My daughter mentioned some time ago that maybe she would like to be a Unicorn! Mmmm….how do you dress up as a unicorn? Any idea, anyone?

As for me – I always improvise and do something at the last minute. Last year some of you saw me at the BAMBI Halloween Party dressed as a Bangkokian Taxi motorbike driver. With the orange vest and all. I need a new original idea this year.

Please all join us at the annual BAMBI Halloween Party on 31st October at ASB (Sukhumvit 49). We will have children’s games and activities, goodies, costume competition, and more surprises. It will be an entertaining event for the whole family. At the party we will also host special guests; kids from Make-A-Wish Thailand project. We are honored to host them at the party and give them a couple of hours of joy. The mission of  Make-A-Wish foundation is to grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich them with hope, strength and joy. For some of these kids it will be their first Halloween experience. Help us put smile on their face!

We welcome this month to the BAMBI committee Gloria Pino as new Database Coordinator,  and Daria Komleva as new E-newsletter coordinator. Thank you, ladies, for stepping up!

Enjoy October!


Ravit El-Bachar Daniel


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