• Life as an Expat Mum
    Life as an Expat Mum
    For those on the outside, we might look as if we’re living in paradise. But, expat mum and Steps with Theera board mem
  • Self-care Isn’t Selfish
    Self-care Isn’t Selfish
    Often mum’s the one who looks after everyone in the family, but the concept of nurturing does not seem to extend to th
  • Two Steps towards Transformation
    Two Steps towards Transformation
    Personal and professional life coach Jasmin Braun provides practical tips on how to start the process of a personal tran
  • The Art of Toy Minimalism
    The Art of Toy Minimalism
    Less is more, or so they say. But how can stripping back the number of toys help promote play?  By Victoria Davis Toys,
  • READER’S CORNER: December 2018
    READER’S CORNER: December 2018
    Need some book recommendations for your child and for parents? Here are some titles picked by Kinokuniya for BAMBI famil
  • Raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs)
    Raising Third Culture Kids (TCKs)
    Clinical psychologists Catherine and Benjamin teach us about raising TCKs. By Catherine Barbier, MA, and Benjamin Weinst