BAMBI Playgroups

BAMBI holds regular playgroups around town, open to both BAMBI members and non-members.
BAMBI playgroups are characterized by free play, and the use of school toys and playgrounds.

The entrance fee per family(children plus one accompanying adult) for all BAMBI playgroups is ฿150 for members and ฿350 for non-members except for the premium playgroups. Additional accompanying adults will be charged ฿100 per person.

Premium playgroups are held at venues that are specifically designed for kids to enjoy with multiple sections for free play. There are lots of educational toys as well as indoor and outdoor play facilities. These venues are privately booked out for BAMBI members only.

The entrance fee for the premium playgroups per family(children plus one accompanying adult) is ฿250 for members and ฿400 for non-members. Additional accompanying adults will be charged ฿100 per person as well.

You can join or renew your membership at our playgroups!

Playgroup rules are in place for the safety of all participants and volunteers.
Please read them in detail here! 

To ensure that BAMBI Playgroups are safely enjoyed by everyone, we have some rules in place. A summary is below, but please review the full rules carefully before attending.
  • Sick children should not attend.
  • Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Air quality policy and playgroup cancellation
    : Between 1 December to 31 March of each year, BAMBI Playgroups and Activities are subject to our Air Quality Policy,
    which specifies PM2.5 AQI levels at which point BAMBI playgroups and activities are automatically canceled.
  • Photography: Our BAMBI photographer and Playgroup Leaders may take photos of the Playgroups. If you do not wish to have photos of your child taken, please inform the Playgroup Leader at registration.
Throughout the year, please always check BAMBI’s online calendar before setting out, as our playgroups are run by volunteers and are occasionally subject to last-minute cancellations. For kids 3 years and above, make sure you also check out our Activities.   
Have questions about Playgroups? Please also see our FAQ.

Volunteer with BAMBI playgroups!

BAMBI playgroups are made possible by the wonderful volunteers who keep them going. We would love some help with our playgroups and activities, so please volunteer if you have some time to spare at your favorite group. It’s easier and more rewarding than you think to get involved. See our call for volunteers for current openings or contact us if you have any questions.  

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