Need to renew your membership? If your membership was valid on 19 April 2021, you have been given an extra 8 months of membership for free!

Please log in to your profile  and check your expiry date before completing this form and transferring your payment.

The annual renewal fee is ฿1,000.

Complete the details below and make a payment of ฿1,000 to BAMBI’s bank account. These details are listed in FAQ under Membership. You can upload your proof of payment using the upload file button below.

Please ensure your mailing address (written in English) is up-to-date as our Database team will be sending your new card by post if you paid via bank transfer.

Note: Renewing in person at playgroup will ensure you receive your member card immediately. Completing the form below and uploading proof of payment will ensure you receive your card by post within 2 weeks.

Please note: this form can only be submitted with your payment confirmation. To make an online payment: Bank - TTB(TMB Thanachart Bank) Account Name: CHILDBIRTH AND (as it appears on ATM/online banking screen) Bank account: 152-2-17807-6 SWIFT CODE - TMBKTHBKXXX