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  • BAMBI News December 2015
    BAMBI News December 2015

    View PDF   Dear Members, It’s December, the very last month of 2015. Who would have imagined that 2015 would pass by so quickly? As soon as you get used to writing 2015 on letterheads, it is already 2016… Many of you will probably go on holiday during the School/Christmas break, either visiting your family […]

  • BAMBI News November 2015
    BAMBI News November 2015

    View PDF   Dear Members, One day in November last year, I got an early morning phone call at 5am. For me it felt as if it was actually still the middle of the night…. Still half asleep I picked up the phone and heard my neighbour’s voice. I thought something terrible had happened and […]

  • BAMBI News October 2015
    BAMBI News October 2015

    View PDF   Dear Members, The rainy season sometimes brings us more than rain. In the last two weeks, we were unlucky to have non-stop visits of viruses at our home. Everyone in the family had their turn to catch some bug and spend a few days in bed. I believe it started with a […]