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  • Chairwoman’s Report 2018
    Chairwoman’s Report 2018
    BAMBI enjoyed a great 2018, expanding into new playgroups and initiating new workshops for the whole family to enjoy.  By Akiko Cayne and Emma McNerlin   2018 was another year of rapid growth for BAMBI, with expansion in Playgroups, Bumps & Babies, and Activities for kids over tBAMBI enjoyed a great year of 2018, expanding into […]
  • BAMBI News December 2018
    BAMBI News December 2018
    View PDF   Happy Holidays from all of us at BAMBI! December brings with it lower temperatures and fresher breezes a welcome break from Bangkok’s relentless humidity. Coupled with an abundance of Christmas cheer, this seems to conspire to lift the collective mood in the city. This month marks my family’s fourth year in Bangkok. […]
  • BAMBI News November 2018
    BAMBI News November 2018
    View PDF   Hi all, Welcome to the November edition of BAMBI News. The theme of this month’s magazine is Thanksgiving. Whether that involves lots of turkey, yams and pumpkin pie (always a winner in my house!) or just a moment to take stock of all that has been achieved and experienced in the past […]
  • BAMBI News October 2018
    BAMBI News October 2018
    View PDF   Hello all, As we enter the final quarter of 2018, the theme of this month’s edition of BAMBI News is ‘mindfulness,’ a rather new-fangled concept in this new age of wellness and self-care. I must say, for me, it feels like one more thing to feel guilty about not fitting into my […]
  • BAMBI News September 2018
    BAMBI News September 2018
    View PDF   Dearest Members, Welcome to September!!! I hope you had a fun and memorable holiday, and you and your little ones are now ready to go back to school! Both my boys are 120% ready to go back to school. Against their will, my boys went to a local public school in Japan […]
  • BAMBI News July/August 2018
    BAMBI News July/August 2018
    View PDF   Hello August! Since I was small, August has always been a month for my mom, as my mother’s birthday is in August. Coincidentally my mother-in-law was born in August as well. So for me, August is the month of moms. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many cultures throughout the world and, as […]