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  • BAMBI News April 2020
    BAMBI News April 2020
    View PDF   Dearest BAMBI members,Welcome to April! Many of us are helping our kids with homeschooling right now. I had my first self-quarantine experience a few weeks ago and it was an eye-opening experience for me.I was excited to see what my kids are learning at school but I wasn’t expecting them to challenge me […]
  • BAMBI News March 2020
    BAMBI News March 2020
     View PDF Dearest BAMBI members, Welcome to March! I always get excited in March, as in my mind, it’s the beginning of Spring! What is your image of March? For BAMBI, March is when our year ends. BAMBI’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be on 26 March at the British Club. At the AGM, we will report on […]
  • BAMBI News February 2020
    BAMBI News February 2020
    View PDF     Dear Members,Welcome to February, the month of LOVE!Recently we arranged a baby massage instructor to give members a short but very informative workshop on baby/kid massage. As I watched the room full of BAMBI members with young children enjoying giving gentle massages to their children I was taken back to the bonding […]
  • BAMBI News January 2020
    BAMBI News January 2020
    View PDF   Dear members, Happy New Year and a happy 2020 to you all!May this year be fulfilling and extraordinary in all your endeavors. I wish you good health, much happiness, and many new opportunities and possibilities.I am so excited as I write this! January brings new beginnings, a new school term starts, and we can […]